- Dissertation en Psychologie

Dissertation en Psychologie

Social learning theory

The principle of social learning is fundamentally a social demonstration that takes place within the community we belong to. People learn their behaviour from their environments through observation, imitation and modeling. This statement is the basis of the Social learning theory. Furthermore, Social learning theory illustrates four key beliefs that explain the theory in more

Struggles of people with Asperger Syndrome

Every illness comes with its struggles. Robison discusses his biggest challenges in life, which often are also symptoms of Aspergers. Despite the high intelligence of those with Aspergers, the demands and lack of freedom in school causes them to lose interest and perform poorly on subjects that are not related to their obsession (Asperger Syndrome).

Autism Spectrum Disorders in women

Being a girl with autism is twice exceptional. These females are not only excluded from same-sexed peers who are neurotypical, but they are excluded from the autism spectrum population because of this subtler presentation of autism that does not quite check off all the boxes in gold-standard assessments, nor completely align with the DSM5 criteria

Conduct Disorder (CD) in children and adolescents

Children and adolescents with CD usually find enjoyment in aggression and behaviors that result in power. Starting fights, trespassing, lying, vandalism, and physically abusive behaviors are signs that indicate an older child may have conduct disorder. It may be harder to identify younger children with CD from normal behaviors such as repetitive bullying, lying, and

How to negotiate successfully

The handbook of Dispute resolution focuses on the seven elements of negotiation developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and different methods of negotiations. The first element of negotiation is Interest: Reach a compromise to satisfy your interest. The succeed of good negotiation results to identify and defend your interests and needs of all parties. Interests

The impact of client death on health care workers

Health care workers (or aides) may suffer instrumental (e.g. loss of work or pay) and emotional consequences after a client dies. However, aides insignificant relationships with clients and insignificant losses after the death of a client may deny them forms of support typically granted to grievers. That is because health care workers grief are often

Effective Tools to Communicate

Effective tools of communication can be very beneficial whether it is to argue a point, convince someone of a point of view or to set what you desire. There are several different ways to effectively communicate your point across to other people, but three crucial steps will help you become extremely effective at arguing your

The impact of color and music on memory

The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not color and music impacts memory and affects the number of images correctly recalled and the number of false recalls. The subjects memory was tested by determining the number images that were recognized correctly. The experimental hypothesis was that participants would perform best when the

Sexual imprinting in human mate choice: Review

1. Research: Questions or Problem The question was not distinctly stated. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the sexual imprinting on the opposite-sex parent during childhood (Bereczkei, Gyuris, & Weisfeld, 2004, p. 1129). 2. Introduction One of the main things noted in the introduction was that human sex partners have many similar traits with each other (Mascie-Taylor

Students’ Misconceptions in Psychology: Review

1. Research: Question or problem The motive of this study was to examine and explore if the true or false format that is commonly used to evaluate misconception amplifies students’ level of misconceptions (Taylor & Kowalski, 2012, p. 62). 2. Introduction The introduction pointed out the importance of using prior knowledge to make sense of

Créer Des Relations Saines

Relations-il y a des milliers, peut-être des millions de films, des histoires, des livres d’auto-assistance, des chansons, des évaluations en ligne, des vidéos, des messages et des blogs à leur sujet. Nous les avons, construisons et entretenons – et parfois les perdons — avec tant de gens autour de nous: parents, frères et sœurs, amis,

Paul Kenneth Bernardo, the Scarborough rapist

Paul Kenneth Bernardo was born in Toronto, Ontario, August 27, 1964. He is a Canadian convicted murderer and a rapist, who is known for the many murders that he commited with his partner Karla Homolka and he also committed serial rapes in Scarborough. Bernardo had conducted numerous sexual crimes in and near Scarborough, Ontario, increasing