- Dissertation en Psychologie

Dissertation en Psychologie

The impact of client death on health care workers

Health care workers (or aides) may suffer instrumental (e.g. loss of work or pay) and emotional consequences after a client dies. However, aides insignificant relationships with clients and insignificant losses after the death of a client may deny them forms of support typically granted to grievers. That is because health care workers grief are often

Effective Tools to Communicate

Effective tools of communication can be very beneficial whether it is to argue a point, convince someone of a point of view or to set what you desire. There are several different ways to effectively communicate your point across to other people, but three crucial steps will help you become extremely effective at arguing your

The impact of color and music on memory

The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not color and music impacts memory and affects the number of images correctly recalled and the number of false recalls. The subjects memory was tested by determining the number images that were recognized correctly. The experimental hypothesis was that participants would perform best when the

Sexual imprinting in human mate choice: Review

1. Research: Questions or Problem The question was not distinctly stated. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the sexual imprinting on the opposite-sex parent during childhood (Bereczkei, Gyuris, & Weisfeld, 2004, p. 1129). 2. Introduction One of the main things noted in the introduction was that human sex partners have many similar traits with each other (Mascie-Taylor

Students’ Misconceptions in Psychology: Review

1. Research: Question or problem The motive of this study was to examine and explore if the true or false format that is commonly used to evaluate misconception amplifies students’ level of misconceptions (Taylor & Kowalski, 2012, p. 62). 2. Introduction The introduction pointed out the importance of using prior knowledge to make sense of

Créer Des Relations Saines

Relations-il y a des milliers, peut-être des millions de films, des histoires, des livres d’auto-assistance, des chansons, des évaluations en ligne, des vidéos, des messages et des blogs à leur sujet. Nous les avons, construisons et entretenons – et parfois les perdons — avec tant de gens autour de nous: parents, frères et sœurs, amis,

Paul Kenneth Bernardo, the Scarborough rapist

Paul Kenneth Bernardo was born in Toronto, Ontario, August 27, 1964. He is a Canadian convicted murderer and a rapist, who is known for the many murders that he commited with his partner Karla Homolka and he also committed serial rapes in Scarborough. Bernardo had conducted numerous sexual crimes in and near Scarborough, Ontario, increasing

Gender aspect of Autism spectrum disorders

Many researchers point out the impact that one’s social and cultural backgrounds can have on gender-appropriate behaviours for females which can mask the early differences in how girls with HFA present  (Conlon, Volden, Smith, et al., 2019). Consequently, girls with HFA are under-diagnosed, especially when they are cognitively able. Unusual social behaviour can be attributed to a girl

Shell Shock and Its Effect on Soldiers

There are many war stories that are celebrated by people as they celebrate a hard-earned victory or freedom from a particular rule, leadership, or situation. But there are also many untold war-stories which are left abandoned fearing that they would bring sorrow and anguish to those affected by and those listening to it. This essay

Applying symbolic interactionism and conflict theory in family relations

Symbolic interactionism and conflict theory are both useful to help aid in overcoming family challenges and difficulties. Conflict theory mainly focuses on the resources and power present within. Families, for example, include different individuals and roles which can eventually lead to competing for resources and power. Overall, conflict theory mainly states that we are constantly

C’est quoi un surdoué?

Être surdoué c’est quoi ? C’est avant tout une intelligence différente, hors norme caractérisée par une réceptivité émotionnelle très forte. Être surdoué, c’est avoir une hyper-intelligence imbriquée avec une hypersensibilité. Elle crée une relation au monde toute particulière qui vulnérabilise et fragilise. Cette réceptivité affective est tellement forte, qu’un surdoué peut souffrir d’une conscience douloureuse