- Dissertation sur la Science

Dissertation sur la Science

Ingénierie de l’environnement 5G

ETAPE 2 La norme de communication 5G va permettre de nombreux progrès dans les communications sans fil. Cependant, cette amélioration de la communication s’accompagne de nouveaux problèmes liés aux bandes de fréquences utilisées, affectant la portée des stations de base 5G. pour faire face à ces nouveaux défis, des solutions inédites doivent être envisagées. Les

Les maladies aériennes

Les virus grippaux et le SRAS-CoV2 provoquent des infections courantes des voies respiratoires supérieures et des infections graves des voies respiratoires inférieures (290 000 à 650 000 décès dus au virus grippal par an). Ces virus entrent en contact avec les voies respiratoires par projection directe ou par inhalation secondaire de gouttelettes inhalées dans l’air

The impact of ethylene on lettuce root elongation

Ethylene is a hormone involved in many developmental processes, but its impact on lettuce seedling elongation will be the primary purpose of this experiment.  Ethephon (Eth) at various doses will serve as the group of interest and Aminooxyacetic acid (AoA) will act as the ethylene inhibitor.  The method will include observations in total root growth

Qu’est-ce que le web 4.0 ?

Le web 4.0 : une révolution informatique La quatrième génération d’internet, le web 4.0, est une impressionnante intelligence artificielle dont plusieurs personnes se servent depuis déjà un bon moment. Cette révolution informatique reflète sa puissance à travers les avantages qu’elle offre. Parmi ceux-ci, on peut citer : l’autonomisation des processus et la surveillance TI. Cependant,

Oxygen consumption by the mealworms

Average oxygen consumption by the mealworms was measured using a respirometer at three different temperature conditions cold, room and, warm. There was an increase in the oxygen uptake for all the treatments. Figure 1 shows that the oxygen was consumed at a very high rate in warm (32C) treatment. At first, after 2 minutes, the

Synthesizing secondary alcohol diphenylmethanol through the Grignard reaction

The aim of this experiment is to synthesize the secondary alcohol diphenylmethanol, from phenyl magnesium bromide and benzaldehyde using the Grignard reaction. The Grignard reaction is important in organic chemistry as it allows for the controlled formation of carbon-carbon covalent bonds, which is an asset in developing pharmaceuticals and industrial chemical compounds. During the reaction,

Taxus brevifolia “Pacific Yew”

The Pacific Yew is a native to the Pacific Northwest of North America (the area between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains). Example of provinces and states such as B.C, Oregon, Washington (author last name, year). (organization, year) The reproduction cycle of the Pacific Yew is quite different from other reproduction cycles learned in

Lipoprotein lipase (LPL)

LPL biology and physiology has been covered by excellent reviews, for example see (  ). In short, TG produced in the liver and intestine are packaged into very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) and chylomicrons, respectively. VLDL are directly secreted by the liver into the bloodstream, whereas chylomicrons coming from intestinal absorption are initially transported via

Optical transmission in thin films

The effects of the heat-treatment temperature and Co Doping for different number of dipping on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Characterizations of Tio2 Thin Films prepared by sol–gel dip coating The effect of the heat-treatment temperature and doping level on the structural, optical and electrical films characterisation has been focused in This study. . Pure

Forecasting of daily global solar radiation

As solar radiation is the starting point for improving the use of renewable energy. In recent years, several methods have been used to predict daily solar radiation, similar to artificial intelligence and hybrid models. In the present study, a wavelet-coupled Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) (W-GPR) model was adopted to forecast  daily total solar radiation received