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Dissertation Enseignement

Training and development of a line cook

Making sure every employee is properly trained is just as important as any other aspect of being a HR manager. In order for every employee to be successful, the company must teach their new worker’s “with the information and skill that they need to effectively perform their jobs” (Dessler, Chhinzer & Cole, 2015, p. 152).

Empowerment in the educational field

Originating from sociology as a discipline and the social work targeting the underprivileged social groups, the concept of empowerment had recently taken new directions of retrieving the voice of socially-situated individuals facing various political, social, educational, and institutional obstacles. Generally, the concept of empowerment implies the existence of powerless individuals or social groups who seek

Social learning theory

The principle of social learning is fundamentally a social demonstration that takes place within the community we belong to. People learn their behaviour from their environments through observation, imitation and modeling. This statement is the basis of the Social learning theory. Furthermore, Social learning theory illustrates four key beliefs that explain the theory in more

Pros and cons of online classes

In today’s world of the technological era, the education sector has also been largely influenced by it. It has taken education online with the help of internet and technology, some classes are being conducted online. Online classes are acting as a great platform to bring the instructors and students together at the comfort of being

Les nouvelles technologies au service de l’architecture?

L’objectif du stage est très exactement le suivant : Il s’agit de l’identification de microservices à partir des applications monolithiques. Ce sujet de recherche consiste en l’utilisation de plusieurs outils et algorithmes ciblés qui permettront, à partir d’une architecture dite monolithique, d’identifier une possible décomposition de cette architecture en ensembles de microservices qui permettront alors

Le renforcement de Jean – Pierre CUQ

Chapitre 01 L’apprentissage Selon Jean – Pierre CUQ « l’apprentissage est la démarche consciente, volontaire et observable. [….] est un ensemble de décisions relatives aux actionsà entreprendre dans le but d’acquérir des savoirs ou des savoir – faire en langue étrangère». Ces décisions peuvent être classées en cinq catégories: Déterminer les objectifs d’apprentissage convenable avec