Pros and cons of online classes

In today’s world of the technological era, the education sector has also been largely influenced by it. It has taken education online with the help of internet and technology, some classes are being conducted online. Online classes are acting as a great platform to bring the instructors and students together at the comfort of being at home. With numerous features available it makes things easier with interactive learning, video and audio calling, online attendance etc.

Online classes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Online classes have been acting as a blessing in disguise especially in the current situation of the covid-19 outbreak, not only in Canada but almost all over the world. Instructors are able to continue teaching students from what was left in the physical traditional classes. Furthermore it gives students the comfort to connect with their instructor in the palm of their hand. Students are able to give presentations online using Zoom online platform almost all over canada. Moreover it is teaching self – discipline and responsibility to the students as they need to manage things on their own. While instructors are still assisting students via video calls or classes, students are encouraged to take part in research etc themself which is a win-win situation.

Besides that online classes are cutting the cost to a large extent. As it is cost effective, not only for students but also for instructors and schools as it is saving a lot of money spent on transportation, electricity etc. It is also proving to be very beneficial in terms of having easy teachers since students can now easily have one on one session with their teachers or ask questions in the private chat and get it answered without disturbing other students which helps in maintaining the decorum in the class.

On the other hand, online classes are not so beneficial when it comes to certain things. According to National Post, online classes are posing a great challenge for students and instructors both, as both have to go through learning a lot of techniques and new technology. As mentioned on CJN News “This is outside everyone’s comfort zone. Not only did staff have to learn Zoom, a new online platform, they also had to learn how to teach on it – manage the students, learn the features of the program, and adapt their teaching.” Moreover internet speed plays a huge role in making online classes possible,

however it is a challenge for most canadians. According to National Post, “Wi-Fi access remains poor in some parts of rural Canada, and about 6.5 per cent of Canadians report they do not have access to the internet at home.” Which clearly shows how problematic, it could be to conduct classes on the internet.

Undoubtedly, online classes have numerous advantages but it has many disadvantages as well.  According to a research done by the U.S Department of education, in recent experiments the blend of online classes along with the face to face traditional classes have been proven more beneficial than just online classes.