The importance of teaching methods in education

Usually students and teachers tend to explain that the failing of student is related to the teacher’s skills on teaching or a problem in the lessons… But rarely we think about changing the method of teaching. Students can learn by different methods so the question is which one is the best and what’s the secret of it?

Many experiences mentioned in articles showed the important of active learning like Active learning cultural change needed in teacher education and schools BY: Hannele Niemi, and Active and passive spatial learning in a complex virtual environment: The effect of efficient exploration BY: ANTONELLA CARASSA, GIULIANO GEMINIANI, FRANCESCA MORGANTI, DIEGO VAROTTO. In reality the subject is more complicated than what we perceive. The Article talks about an experience that evaluate two type of learning (Active learning and the passive one), The experience built on giving identical lesson content for two groups each one follow a method of learning different from the other. As it was expected the students teached by the active method learned more than their peers, although they learned more, students in active classrooms feels like they would learn more by the passive method. The explication of this perception is that active learning increased the cognitive effort so students correlated it with poorer learning. The Experience took place during two consecutive class, students were randomly separated to different classrooms in each one the same lesson was teached by the two different methods. In a subsequent class, the two groups were reversed, at the end of the class’s students fill in a survey about their perceptions followed by a test of learning. the experience followed exactly the steps planned in order to have a clearer result. Results have showed that student can’t ignore the difficulty they combat cognitive efforts and the obstacles they face toward learning, in the other hand they learn lessons too much better, due to the cognitive efforts they made. But why the universities still choose the old method of learning? In order to create a better world, we have to upgrade the level of learning, that’s related to change the old instructors that we have been practicing all these years.

Now we have the key for high quality of production and we have problems to combat. If we don’t take it seriously now then when? We shouldn’t see the cognitive effort as a difficulty but

we could see it as an indicator of developing method that would lead us to a good quality of learning and the improvement of students’ skills. We can also affirm that in exams students usually feel tired as if they were in an active lesson, the cause behind that feeling is the increasing cognitive efforts especially in scientific exam they need more concentration so if students adapt being engaged in classroom this may help them to develop their performance during the exam. As the quote says “No pain No gain”, So students should train themselves to support the active class and not getting tired or bored of it, and it’s only need practice.