- Dissertation en Écologie et Environnement

Dissertation en Écologie et Environnement

Energy solutions for vehicular systems: Introduction

FCEV are a promising alternative clean propulsion that no pollutants are emitted [1] . This type of vehicles exploits the advantages of  PEMFC which  have several advantages such as:  high efficiency, low-temperature operation and are clean functioning [2]. Among  these characteristics, the PEMFC remains  an excellent technology  for  vehicular systems [3]. Thanks to the different

Environmental consequences of the shadow economy

The underground economy is generally defined as a set of economic activities that take place outside the framework of bureaucratic public and private sector establishments (Hart, 2008). Nowadays, it is impossible to conceive an economy free from the underground or the informal economic sector . According to estimates , 54.3% of firms around the world

Les problèmes environnementaux d’aujour’hui

Les animaux/espèces Plus de 60% des populations danimaux sauvages ont disparues entre 1970 et aujourdhui. Cinquante années ont suffit à lhumanité pour détruire tout ce que la nature à mis des milliards dannées à construire. La disparition des animaux deau douce atteint même 83% à cause de la surexploitation. Globalement, la dégradation des habitats représente

The problems with renewable sources of energy

Due to the ever-increasing doom of climate change, a renewable source of energy with limited carbon emissions is needed. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) found that by 2050, over 80% of the world’s electricity could be derived from renewable sources, and by the end of 2016, it was found that 55 million homes benefitted

Space heating system in Canada

Residential energy in Canada accounts for 11% of total use (NRC, 2020). Due to the cold climate in Canada, space heating accounts for 61% of the energy used in Canadian households. Space and water heating collectively accounts for 80% of residential energy use. Natural gas is primarily used to provide energy for space heating equipment

L’utilisation de la fracturation hydraulique pour l’exploitation pétrolière

Mis en évidence pour la première fois vers la fin des années 40, la fracturation hydraulique, aussi appelée «fracking» en anglais,  est le processus utilisé pour «récupérer le pétrole ou le gaz naturel piégé dans des formations rocheuses non poreuses comme le schiste.» (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, 2019) [ma traduction]. De nos jours, il

Remote sensing technologies for Precision Agricultural Aviation (PAA)

Recent increase in world’s population has necessitated the need for boosting production in agriculture to meet the ever increasing population. The continuous application of chemical pesticides to promote crop protection programs is paramount (Glass et al., 2010; Popp et al., 2013). Pesticide usage has become an integral component of modern agriculture and has contributed to

Environmental justice (EJ) movement against environmental racism in the capitalist world

The position of environmental justice (EJ) has emerged as a constructive discourse to combat environmental issues plagued with racial oppression. However, although EJ encompasses a framework of “fairness and justice, and civil and human rights,” it is not recognized as a legitimate issue by political and economic powers because its discourse is determined by people

Endangered Species: the Indian Elephant

Appearance For this paragraph, I will be telling you about the body of the Indian Elephant. The Indian Elephant’s height is around 13 feet/4 meters, but that is nothing compared to how much they weigh. Adult males weigh around 6300 (!) kg, while females weigh around 4500 kg (!) and baby elephants weigh around 90-120

Effet de l’irradiation sur l’organisme humain

On peut distinguer deux types d’irradiations, un cas d’irradiations globales et un cas d’irradiations partielles: A) Lors d’irradiations partielles, ce sont le plus souvent les appareils reproducteurs, le cristallin et la peau qui sont touchés. Ce sont aussi les organes les plus sensibles à la radioactivité. L’irradiation des organes génitaux peut provoquer chez l’homme une