- Dissertation Droit et institutions

Dissertation Droit et institutions

Les droits de l’homme

D’après GRAWITZ Les droits de l’homme peuvent être définit comme étant un « ensemble de droits, libertés et prérogatives reconnus aux hommes en tant que tels », c’est-à-dire en leur seule qualité de personnes humaines. Aussi en appuyant sur le fait que l’homme est un individu, Jeanne Hersch dit des droits de l’homme qu’ils sont

Career focuses on psychiatric nursing

Introduction A career development plan is a tool used for people to plan and focus on where they see themselves working. It helps by allowing them to self reflect on what they want, and what their progress has looked like. They then can assess and plan accordingly to follow their career of choice in the

Les services portuaires

Définition dun port Un port est un lieu aménagé par lequel transitent des personnes et/ou des marchandises entre la terre et la mer ou le cours deau. Il est constitué dun ensemble des infrastructures qui permettent aux navires dabriter, daccoster, deffectuer les opérations dembarquement et de débarquement des marchandises ou des passagers, d’approvisionner ou d’effectuer

Le concept du pouvoir chez Michel Foucault

Le concept du pouvoir chez Michel Foucault est considéré comme un ensemble de relations de forces, il dépasse la notion du pouvoir comme étant un terme qui reflète le rapport entre le système politique et les individus, à une nouvelle notion qui s’intéresse non seulement aux systèmes politiques mais aussi aux domaines sociale, économique, et

Empowerment in the educational field

Originating from sociology as a discipline and the social work targeting the underprivileged social groups, the concept of empowerment had recently taken new directions of retrieving the voice of socially-situated individuals facing various political, social, educational, and institutional obstacles. Generally, the concept of empowerment implies the existence of powerless individuals or social groups who seek

Paratyphoid Vaccine Development: Benefits Evaluation

Abstract Introduction: Paratyphoid is suspected to cause millions of deaths annually, and no paratyphoid vaccine exists. Our objective is to assess the epidemiologic data and the relevant pros and cons surrounding the benefits of developing a paratyphoid vaccine. Material and methods: We performed a critical appraisal of the relevant existing data on paratyphoid (by querying

Environmental consequences of the shadow economy

The underground economy is generally defined as a set of economic activities that take place outside the framework of bureaucratic public and private sector establishments (Hart, 2008). Nowadays, it is impossible to conceive an economy free from the underground or the informal economic sector . According to estimates , 54.3% of firms around the world

A stateless society: a Marxist utopia?

Nowadays, the State  plays a central role in our societies, economy and daily life. However it wasn’t always the case. Different schools of thought have been thinking on the way to establish a society without state, like the anarchist. With the rise of the Marxism, another theory emerged, believing in the ideal of a society

Audit interne

Cette section fera l’objet d’une revue de littérature préliminaire sur l’audit interne à savoir sa définition, ses caractéristiques par rapport aux autres fonctions essentielles de management des organisations. Ensuite, nous présenterons les spécificités de l’audit interne dans le secteur public et sa participation dans l’amélioration de la gestion des organisations publiques ainsi que les limites

Informed consent in medicine

Informed consent forms are employed in medicine analysis as a mechanism to convey study data to potential subjects in order that they will gain a call regarding their disposition to participate. though the Department of Health and Human Services laws for the Protection of Human Subjects need the presentation of specific study data at tier

Environmental, Social & Governance criteria in investing

Although the choice of investment is a complex decision that takes into account multiple criteria, the preference for socially responsible securities was an additional criterion affecting the investor’s decision. The investor’s sensitivity to responsible investment takes its origin in the 1980’s, when part of them for ethical or religious reasons, began to exclude certain investments such

The challenges of think tanks

Think tanks have stories to tell. No one would, doubt the fundamental role that think tanks plays in shaping policy agendas and in providing platforms to introduce new ideas, nurturing by that an essential debate between the research world and the policy-making one. However, No one would also doubt that think tanks are facing numerous