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Dissertation sur la poésie :sujet, l’introduction, résumé, conclusion.

Titre : L’individuel et le personnel dans la poésie : une exploration de la subjectivité dans la création poétique I. Introduction Définition de la poésie en tant que genre littéraire permettant l’expression de la subjectivité individuelle. Importance de la poésie comme moyen d’explorer le monde intérieur des poètes et de partager leurs émotions, expériences et

The belief system of Hinduism

There is the common misplace of thoughts about Hinduism from the other faiths is that the Hindus worship too many Gods and their numbers are countless and innumerable. It is the ignorance of the inner misconception and may be no deeper understanding of Hinduism led to this conclusion by some of the thinkers to think

Ethnicity and acculturation

Ethnic identity: Also named as self-identification, ethnic identity refers to the affiliation with an ethnic group by the consumer himself. Identity theory is a theory that argues the individual’s identification of what social group he belongs to (Qionglei Yua, 2018). Basing on his attitudes and behaviours, the individual judges himself as belonging to a particular

Evaluative criteria of the analysis of Google’s organizational culture in “The Internship”

To rate our alternative courses of action, we first conducted a SWOT analysis on the current organizational structure portrayed in the film with a key focus on the organizational culture of Google Headquarters and the organization of teams within the internship program. Currently, the strengths of Google’s culture in “The Internship” are that it encourages

Spokane Native American tribe and “The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in Heaven” by Sherman Alexie

The January of 1881, formally established a new home for the Spokane Native American tribe, the Spokane Indian Reservation. The reservation consists of 108,874 acres of forest, 8552 acres of agricultural land, and 10,328 acres of lakes. The history of the reservation is full of struggles, poverty and colonialization. “The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight

Social inequality and problems of minority groups in American society

According to Godde, Pasillas & Sanchez (2020), social inequality scenarios are multiple in the present American society. Primarily, inequality means a lack of equal opportunities and rewards for statuses or social positions. For instance, the disparity in American society is pronounced when minority groups are segregated from equal access to opportunities. Healthcare, employment opportunities, and

The pantheon of gods of ancient Egypt

Since the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization,when the tale of Osiris and Isis begins, Osiris held the role of ruler of Egypt alongside his wife Isis goddess of motherhood & healing. He was entirely responsible for anything, such as law-making, religious education, history, and everything that affected agriculture. He was highly respected by the public

Facts about foreign languages

Imagine you’re in a city like Paris or Tokyo, looking for a local restaurant. You attempt to talk to locals, but to no avail. What do you do? Do you attempt to look for one yourself, or be safe and just go to McDonalds? This is why students should learn a foreign language, to make