The belief system of Hinduism

There is the common misplace of thoughts about Hinduism from the other faiths is that the Hindus worship too many Gods and their numbers are countless and innumerable. It is the ignorance of the inner misconception and may be no deeper understanding of Hinduism led to this conclusion by some of the thinkers to think such way. It is their not the ability to comprehend these analogies and for this the ultimate animalises remains in the undeterred understanding of this faith.

The Paramatman the Supreme Being embellishes with different names; take for example just as the man is unique with different names but the essence of divinity remain united and single. Hinduism has the plural liberalism which embedded each culture and languages in its own folder and allows them to describe the Supreme Being in their own understanding and in some unique and selfless ways. The inherent pluralism is so connected with it within the stipulated paramount ways such that each culture begins to see it in their own manner to reach at the source for Supreme Being.

India as a country is a land for many people with multi faceted cultural heritages being carried on for the ages and continues to do so till to day. There are four sects of Hindu denominations or sects: Saivism , Smartism, Vaisshnavism and Shaktism and all will lead to reach nearer to Supreme Being. Saiva worship lord Shiva, Shakta worship Goddess Shakti, Lord Vishnu the lord of Vaishnavites and he Smartas believes in one God the Supreme Being and they feel and believe all the three sects that have been describe here.

These diversities among their religions led the Hindus to be more and more tolerant and these inner complexities within the religions go on to show the compassion and the love for other religions and sects. This brings the cohesion among the collision within the various parameters of the sects categories which is understandable and this leads to form the united vision of the path to reach nearer to Supreme Being. This understands them that there are many ways to reach nearer to God and for this you have to be tolerant an respectable to other clans of sects so that all will be reaching nearer to God.

This seems to be a smart concept where each Hindu is being treated and goes on with a disciplined life style form the birth. Each of these

superior deities is being regarded as having the superior astral power and they are called the devas. They have the specific duties and power the similar like that of the heavenly bodies like that the other faiths. They can give you their own and specific paths to cross and to reach at the haven known as swarga in Sanskrit by Hindus.

Hindus believe the presence of the God in the intimate presence, they can feel the God within the presence of man, woman, child, trees, stones and other living and non living entities. They will feel the presence of God instead of see through them. They will try to worship which their sense will tell and search to reach neat the Supreme Being and the process continues, they value human life as the part of the God’s gift and they try to search for the angelic being from among each and every individuals and they realise the importance of life and they consider it as a string which is attached on one side and other side is being open. They think that it is the duty of the every individual to utilise these open string and try to make it more and more nearer to the Supreme Being.

Hindus believe God is staying within us and He can be reached by prayer and attention to God. Hindus does not believe that God has left them in this lurch but instead believe that God is every where He is omnipresent and with prayer and deep devotion He can be discovered in this s earth. They believe that God always comes to this earth is to emancipate the evils and to make this earth the better place to live here in. This is known as the spiritual journey and the ultimate goal of every Hindus in attending the ultimate journey and they believe the journey starts from the birth and it will be ending at the death bed.

Hindus are both monotheists and henotheists and they are not the polytheists. As many Gods have equal powers so there is no need to go for the polytheistic. The Henotheists believe in one God and without denying the existence of other Gods. Hindus are panetheisists, they believe in omnipresence of God, every where in the entire universe. It is highly sophisticated religious view which teaches us the basic of understanding and the mutual cooperation among the individuals and respecting each other spaces by showing respect to other religions. They believe that God is present every where and He also gives life and source of energy to each living beings inside the universe.

They believe God exists beside the world and they are watching us overtime in ours work , behaviours, customs and each every aspects of ways of life we live and work on with to continue ours life inside this earth planet. In Hinduism there is lot of freedom in understanding and pursuing of God and this make every individual a philosopher and a ethics in their own merit and this tends to go from family to family with each family carried on their own traditions and then shifted over to their off springs who later on shifted these to their next generations. This freedom makes the Hinduism the world’s oldest living religion and rich with cultural heritages among all the earth’s existing faiths.

Hinduism believe in that the karma the work on this earth needs to be done properly so much so that the real purpose and the destined to live in this earth will be fulfilled and with the right karma that is realising the God in this mortal earth the right way should be done in the correct manner so much so that he does not have to birth again and again and with due course of time he will be rewarded as his atman the soul of his will be purified, here body soul purification never matters, he will go for the purification of soul and after completing all these he will attain the nearer path to reach to Supreme Being.

Then his soul will leave the physical body and that is why the soul never dies and due to this in Hinduism the persons dies and his dead body never ever graved but it is burnt and destroyed as the Hindus believe that soul will never come back again to this mortal world to live with pain and for this his body is permanently destroyed with fire and his body can never be again used by any other soul in his name. The soul continues to live with the astral body the devas till it is got the perfect attendance of purity to reach nearer to Supreme Being.

After many births with different bodies inside the earth the soul finally becomes the competent with love, family, respect, knowledge, understanding and each and every aspect of life inherent within. All the lessons have been learnt through dharma and the karmas inside this mortal world till it is fulfilled to the fullest and the energy needed for these is satisfied with its fullest of extent. Now, the soul is liberated from the cycle of birth and deaths and rebirths and then the entire beautiful ritual world is created.

The Hindus understands and sense the ultimate attendance of life is not the money or love, power or else, the real purpose and he is destined to serve and aid the world as the servant of God and to fulfil Wishes of attending the joys and travels and removing entirely the fear psychosis to reach at the perfect spiritual goal of life in its pursuit of success. Hindus believe that the karma and the reincarnation of every individual is a gradual cycle and that will take him back to the nearer to the God.

In all the other faiths the humans leave it everything to God to sort out his miseries and even after his death. In Hinduism it is the person who is sole stake holder to get to work on with the karma so much so that the reincarnations cycle of his should stop and in this process he learns everything and goes nearer to perfect so much so that his rebirths will be stopped in attendance of salvation and in this way he is sole mentor and the navigator to reach near the Supreme Being.