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La science du climat pour expliquer le changement climatique

Les efforts actuels s’avèrent insuffisants pour limiter la hausse de la température mondiale au-delà de 2 °C, objectif que s’est fixé la communauté internationale pour éviter un emballement catastrophique des dérèglements climatiques. En effet, les recherches scientifiques, dans une grande majorité, montrent que les facteurs naturels et anthropiques sont les principales causes du changement climatiques.

La traite des personnes au Canada

Il n’est pas secret que notre société profite à certains plus qu’à d’autres et donne la priorité à l’économie par rapport à tout le reste. Ma société idéale pour 2040 inclut des solutions aux problèmes qui existent aujourd’hui. Je souhaite un monde qui se soucie davantage du changement climatique, d’un système scolaire efficace, d’un équilibre

Système d’information dans l’entreprise

Le développement des systèmes d’informations représente des investissements très importants et surtout leur mise en place est très complexe surtout qu’un projet pourra aboutir à un Echec. En effet il y’a une grande allusion technologique qui est due à la difficulté de séparer entre le système d’information (l’informatisation d’une entreprise et le pilotage de l’infrastructure

The Use of Articulator in Clinical Orthodontics

There are three possible reasons for mounting casts on articulator. 1. To record any discrepancies between occlusal relationship at patient’s initial point of contact and at habitual occlusion 2. To record the path of lateral excursive movements of mandible 3. Possibly visualize the orientation of occlusal plane to face The first reason to mount casts

Training and development of a line cook

Making sure every employee is properly trained is just as important as any other aspect of being a HR manager. In order for every employee to be successful, the company must teach their new worker’s “with the information and skill that they need to effectively perform their jobs” (Dessler, Chhinzer & Cole, 2015, p. 152).

Role of leadership in battle of Cannae

In order to talk about leadership, I have to describe the most responsibilities or role of a leadership: Lead by Example; Maintain Integrity, Ensure Long-Term Organizational Success, Improve the Organization and military ethos. I will start with Hannibal, he was educated, cultured and he Lead his army by example, he was too close to his

Paratyphoid Vaccine Development: Benefits Evaluation

Abstract Introduction: Paratyphoid is suspected to cause millions of deaths annually, and no paratyphoid vaccine exists. Our objective is to assess the epidemiologic data and the relevant pros and cons surrounding the benefits of developing a paratyphoid vaccine. Material and methods: We performed a critical appraisal of the relevant existing data on paratyphoid (by querying

Environmental consequences of the shadow economy

The underground economy is generally defined as a set of economic activities that take place outside the framework of bureaucratic public and private sector establishments (Hart, 2008). Nowadays, it is impossible to conceive an economy free from the underground or the informal economic sector . According to estimates , 54.3% of firms around the world

A stateless society: a Marxist utopia?

Nowadays, the State  plays a central role in our societies, economy and daily life. However it wasn’t always the case. Different schools of thought have been thinking on the way to establish a society without state, like the anarchist. With the rise of the Marxism, another theory emerged, believing in the ideal of a society

The legacy of John F. Kennedy

On November 22nd, 1963, U.S President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. The assassination of American president JFK was a national tragedy and etched itself forever in the American consciousness. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn into office following the death of Kennedy. Document A is Johnson’s first speech to Congress as the

Audit interne

Cette section fera l’objet d’une revue de littérature préliminaire sur l’audit interne à savoir sa définition, ses caractéristiques par rapport aux autres fonctions essentielles de management des organisations. Ensuite, nous présenterons les spécificités de l’audit interne dans le secteur public et sa participation dans l’amélioration de la gestion des organisations publiques ainsi que les limites

Using smell test for dementia diagnosis

It has been suggested that smell tests could be used for early detection of dementia. The following is a summary of some advantages and disadvantages of using smell test for dementia diagnosis: Advantages Smell test has the potential to be considered as a medicationindependent biomarker for the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. This diagnostic test is