Capstone project on telecommunication

Basically, A capstone project is a culminating assessment, which refers to those assessments are completed at the end of the units. Also, we can say that a project or task, which should be developed by the students by their knowledge and their skills. This is the project which is basically given to the students in their ending year or semester. Capstone projects helps students to learn how they find and analyze the information effectively and efficiently. Students can complete the capstone project in various types of forms like they can use Presentations, multimedia (Audio/video) and even on paper. This capstone is very similar to the college thesis those are done in any kind of project for thoroughly study of any topic.

In most of the cases of capstone projects, students have to choose some particular topic which may be related to their field or any another profession in which they have their interest. After taking the project he/she will have to gather information and data and then analyze it according to the given instructions. Generally, Capstone projects are given to students to encourage them, to enhance their intelligence level and thinking and also communication skills. Moreover, By capstone students learn how to connect with their communities and analyze many of the issues, problems, risks and ideas. This is some of the introduction of the capstone project.

Description of Problem

In the capstone project one should many problems regarding various fields. The problem statement for the capstone project clearly explains the issues of apprehensiveness, it states why it is so important and how you will deal with it. When I am looking for choosing my capstone project, I really go through so much problems which are important to be have a closure for the further research on the topic. As I am working on an Academic research for the capstone project so there are many challenges are been faced by me to meet the requirement of the project. While finalizing the project there are many problems which are been encountered to work within a domain of project management. Also, for preparing the project proposal of the project, the main difficulty is to decide the topic of the research, lack of good knowledge of methodology. Research is challenging because you have to put more efforts to contribute some new things and provide the satisfaction of the given data. Also, the most difficult situation is that

you have to take the topic which should be based on a real-life scenario. Time management is also a big issue while doing the research.

Another problem in the research is the plagiarism which should be avoided. As I am working on the deployment of the telecommunications infrastructure, if we didn’t use the project management strategies in this infrastructure then we got problems in the budgeting of the telecom applications like high costs affect the business, not proper scheduling of the data entries. There are sometimes some technological changes occurred and except this, customers also respond to different tastes of the smart phones or data rates. Also, coverage outages like low signal access to the customers which lead to the loss in the business. The most important problem which is to be taken care is the poor customer services and installing the networks in new locations. In this modern times, strong competitions among the different  operators also cause the problems.

Literature Review

Literature review is a well written approach to examining the information on a specific topic or field. This review can be use or it can take the form of the assessment in a course or in the capstone project. The main role of the literature review is to show that you are good informer and a knowledgeable person in the field of the research topic by providing an effective overview on the current situation of the project. In the telecom industry the project goal is benefit. It will provide the combination of issues, scopes, trends and the ideas surround you project research. Literature review in capstone project should be as comprehensive as possible that is you can add all the relevant data and resources which are under your topic of research.

There are some of the things which should be keep in mind while doing the literature review and these are: Providing introduction and conclusions, Don’t assign direct quotations, Organized by theme of topic, Use specific headers and many more. In the structure of the literature review there are three main parts which are Introduction, main body and the conclusion. The basic strategies in the successful literature review which are explanation of the major findings of the data entries, keep focus on the topic you choose. In the telecommunication phases, there are some cultural differences take place, war rooms are provided to clear all the misunderstanding regarding the project.

Description of Project

Project description is a formally written declaration of the project which includes the ideas, data, goals, objectives to be reached. It includes the description of the schedule and the milestones which are supporting efficiently. There are many possible risks which are always be there to resolve and they are happening with the each of the status report, work plan or risk management plan. It is important to complete the project in its scheduled time and with the high-quality ending. There are Bi-weekly reports in the project, so it is easy to find out which of the work is still pending and which is done. Moreover, this project charter is also help out in recognize the parts which are more important and should be done at the due time. As it is a individually handled project so there are so many issues which are to be resolved efficiently. In the project management, there is a combination of the traditional and expert techniques takes place like change management, stakeholder’s satisfaction etc. At the end, telecom industry sometimes takes some critical missions at some points. (Ludovico, 2010)