Overview of the British monarchy: will it last?

The British monarchy is the most popular monarchy in the world, it consists of the Queen Elizabeth II and members of the royal family, including her children, grandchildren, their spouses and the queen’s cousins and their spouses. Queen Elizabeth II ‘s reign is the longest reign in the history of British monarchy, more than 60 years. Her majesty is known for her dedication to a life of service. She continues to implement programs of visits to charitable institutions and schools, she also hosts heads of state on their visits and she leads the nation in different events and ceremonies. The queen does all of this with the help and support of the royal family, the royal family most importantly perform and do the official duties when the Queen cannot be present in person in the United Kingdom and overseas. Eventually, the royal family as a whole promotes and reinforces the British national unification and integration.

The British people’s love and support for the monarchy is the result of their admiration for queen Elizabeth, her skill and character. Queen Elizabeth is the main reason of the survival of the monarchy, the monarchy also represents the nation’s love and attachment to the past. Queen Elizabeth represents the national identity, her image is on every coin and every note. Another reason of the existence of the royal family in England is their popularity and the queen is the most famous member of the royal family paying taxes, reducing the civil list in 1917 helped the queen to be more popular among people. The royal weddings admired by people around the world also show the popularity of the royal family not just in England but also around the world, although in the past royal weddings were private ceremonies.

The monarchy has survived thanks to the queen who maintains her image and popularity, her life is free of scandals, she doesn’t act differently with different people, she doesn’t accept interview as well as she didn’t comment on the Brexit. Her statements are limited to support and strengthen the Christian values and morals. Prince William and Harry also gained the love of the people and popularity by working really well to maintain their image as modern and young members of the royalty. in the second world war the king and the queen went to the areas affected and damaged by air raids during the blitz, and the queen

focused on the help that was done to help people whose homes were destroyed. They also visited factory workers which affected them positively and motivated them, the result of their visit was an increase in the weekly production. This shows the love of British people for the British royal family and how their presence can increase the enthusiasm.

Many British children stayed away from their parents during the war, and the same happened to princesses Elizabeth and Margaret who remained at Windsor castle during the war years distant from their parents. But princess Elizabeth who was only 14 years old broadcasted a message on children’s hour, a radio program to tell the British children to have courage and to be brave. The behavior of the royal family during the world war II has increased the British people’s love for them which helps the monarchy survive for a longer period of time and survive after the second world war.

The future of the monarchy in Britain can be summed up in two possibilities the first is the survival of the monarchy for the next 50 years, the second is the abolishment of the British monarchy, the British monarchy can survive thanks to the queen, people’s love respect to her and the popularity of the queen and the royal family. But if the queen dies, it is uncertain that the brits’ opinions about the monarchy will remain the same. It’s her son Charles who will be the king when she dies. Charles is less popular than the queen and many other royals, he is the seventh most popular in his family. Public opinions may change negatively about the monarchy when he becomes king. Even if he becomes the king, he may not become official, and the monarchy could lose most of its power. The queen’s stamp of approval is obligatory for every law in the parliament but when Charles becomes king and doesn’t become official, stamp of approval will be no longer needed.

After queen Elizabeth’s death commonwealth may not exist anymore and the 52 countries that were British territories may refuse to stay the same and may decide to cut their ties with the British monarchy considering it will no longer be the formal head of state. Also everyone was surprised to see prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle leave the royal family and that means, they give up on their titles and royal duties. Their departure was a shock, and it is thought that it can affect the royal family negatively and damage it So it is possible that the monarchy loses its power and that Britain might become a republic as well as the abolition of the monarchy. But an opposing opinion says that British people love the royal family and that this is difficult to happen. The monarchy has survived many events and it was never abolished.  For example, King Edward viii who abdicated and stepped down from the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson. There is also the execution king Charles I in 1649, Prince Andrew’s retirement from the royal family because of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein who is pedophile the monarchy survived all of that so it is possible that it may survive for the next 50 years. Even if prince harry and Meghan Markle left the royal family, it wouldn’t really affect the royal family because they don’t really need them as there’s an heir of the throne and prince William has already three children.

It is difficult to know whether the British monarchy will continue to exist or if it is going to be abolished during the next 50 years, the royal family are the ones that can control their destiny if they want to stay or not, if they can commit at the same level queen Elizabeth is committing, if they can sacrifice their right of self-expression and bear the intervention in their life and the expectations that they should be a model family that should not do scandals.