Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine Learning & Deep Learning

I believe machine learning and deep learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest innovations and will be the next great thing in information technology. AI is already integrated in our lives and is making a positive impact. And as both machine learning and deep learning evolve, it will utilize mental and cognitive ability to provide automated insights in just about every industry. From image recognition, health diagnosis and automated transportation to business culture, environmental protection and the mere toys that our kids use, these technologies will render manual labor obsolete and enhance many of our natural abilities or even replace mental labor. Machine learning and deep learning go hand in hand and have the power to help us live more productive lives. These technologies can accept and store huge quantities of data. With big data, machines will use algorithms to analyze and identify patterns, collect metrics, forecast performance and provide intelligent decision making, while instantaneously adapting and developing smarter algorithms to perform more complex operations or make real-time decisions. This will provide the opportunity for machines to take over various tasks across different industries such as identifying real time fraudulent behavior in banking or predicting consumer behavior, all while acquiring more information. Overall, the greatest potential of machine learning lies in the ability to adapt itself or self-develop when exposed to new information. Deep learning is an even more powerful and valuable technology that takes this adaptability further with its ability to learn or train itself to complete tasks without any human help. This makes it more flexible and give machines an open opportunity to make an even greater impact on our lives since they will be able to see patterns that we couldn\’t in large data and make more intelligent decisions.

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