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Le management des risques liés à la chaîne logistique

Revue de littératureIl existe des risques dans de nombreuses activités du management. C’est ainsi qu’il a été étudié dans de nombreux domaines : stratégie, finance, production, comptabilité, marketing, etc. le management des risques peut s’appliquer à les domaines de management, y compris celui du Supply Chain Management.March et Shapira (1987) ont donné la première définition

The production process of Toyota’s vehicles

In the Toyota plants, the vehicles pass through a long production line this process composed by several successive phases each phase include different steps to build different models of cars. After two phases of manufacturing process that are the development stage where a new model designed and developed, followed by the stage of preparation in

Endangered Species: the Indian Elephant

Appearance For this paragraph, I will be telling you about the body of the Indian Elephant. The Indian Elephant’s height is around 13 feet/4 meters, but that is nothing compared to how much they weigh. Adult males weigh around 6300 (!) kg, while females weigh around 4500 kg (!) and baby elephants weigh around 90-120

Architecture of the Chicago school

The Chicago school was a movement of architecture but also of urbanism. At that time, its architects advocated a new, simpler, and utilitarian style, which could be referred as “commercial style” and was opposed to the more traditional European style. If on the one hand, the utilitarian style of this school of architecture sought reality

The Black Hole theory

For the subject of my portfolio, I have decided to do on «Black Hole». I think that it can be very interesting because this incredible space object is very different from a lot of others space object. But before, I’ll tell you wath a black hole, his history and why is one of the must

Idioms in the framework of construction grammar

In this final paper, the topic of idioms and constructional idioms in the framework of Construction Grammar is presented and supported by a large number of examples. Also, it is described why these idiomatic concepts are important for the knowledge of language and grammatical analysis. The paper has three main body sections whose content is

Le doudou – le compagnon préféré des enfants

LES DOUDOUS Considérés comme les meilleurs compagnons du quotidien des enfants, les doudous ont de tous temps revêtu une très grande importance sentimentale dans la vie de tous (surtout des enfants et des adolescents). Aussi rassurants qu’ils sont pour les bébés, ils sont aussi réputés pour être très décoratifs et possèdent un certain design qui