Adventures of the detective Ittech

It is almost noon, and both detective Ittech, as well as officer should be ready to venture into the silver hill with no time, as in this part of earth, sun is a rarity and it is almost no time, sun can vanish from the horizon. They have to distribute the time in good manner so that, they can reach the place, before it is too late. It is the unknown place and for this each step they advance should be the careful one so that, nothing danger should be there. In the meantime the cell phone of Ittech rang and Ittech receives and it is from the special officer from the capital city, and he has reached the spot to take back the body that has been buried there and for this, he has not been getting the exact place and sought the help from the detective Ittech and to manage this, detective Ittech had to return to that place and first finish the work. Now, he realizes that he is late on schedule but this work is also equally important as the most convenient lead can be from here and for this time of he has to solve this to manage the task in equal manner.

In the meantime  the carefulness of all these aspects bring forward the real quickness of the mind and in the meantime  detective Ittech told the special officer through phone to come here carefully as he has to consider is each step as danger and try to preempt each attempt whilst returning to this place. Life is full of unexpected happenings and for this one has to trade each moment carefully as we could know the future at any point of time and for this we have to leave with the present and be cautious of each aspect of what is going on around us. Famous detective Ittech and the officer reached at that spot and they found the body is still lying and within 30 minutes special officer after some hard work reached at that spot. He is from the city, so he has the hard time in searching the place around this jungle. The special officer smiled at Ittech and he has the plenty of respect for him and then two other person who has been accompanied by him has taken the task of carrying that body and also then detective told the special officer for some special forensic

tests and he had said that after four days most of the result of the cases will be detected.

Then, detective Ittech told the special officer of the exact route through which he is to be going through the jungle to reach the plane land and then after greetings then detective Ittech and the officer will be reaching to that shining mountain, and in the meantime  detective Ittech stops suddenly. The officer glanced at the sky, it is not seen at all, due to huge pine trees and in this time of the year some trees are shedding their leaves, with twittering sounds of birds is being roamed continually and somewhere in among the squirrel comes in and looks from a distance with a fearful look, just like a newlywed bride and then left the place sincerely.

At some point of the place, due to heavy sh shedding f leaves, the road has been full of dead leaves and that make the sound, and in hearing this, detective Ittech told the officer to change his shoes, but the officer slowly stated that, he had changed the shoes, which he had given to him, while coming out of mansion pride and prejudice, after getting your phone call, the officer thought that , after hearing this detective Ittech would be worries about the sound the shoe can creates and for this he is feeling ashamed of , but the reaction of Ittech is completely different , he told the officer to remove the shoes and then from his toolbox he has opened one peculiar yellowish material , with which he has done something rare and fix it with the glue , and that glue also been prepared by him and then ,after wearing this , the officer thinks that there is no sound from his shoes.

After some moments the officer asked the detective Ittech curiously, what is being planted in his shoes, and with it, the shoe has become mute while walking in the ground. The detective Ittech as usual thinking about this case and for this he does not make any prompt reply there, with this the officer understood that, he thinks about some really important issues here, and then after ten minutes, detective Ittech told him that, this material has been created by him and him has done this in order for this real time emergency situations. The glue has been invented by him after so much experimentation and this glue can attach with the shoes and when need happens  he can immediately remove from his shoes without any such difficulties. The officer raised his eyebrows and he is now with a genuine wit persons and he had thanked the Lord of the Universe that he is working with such a rarest of rare person and he is now serious as it feels to him that , detective Ittech is going to ask him some really important matter.

Detective Ittech said to him to stand there and watch what he is doing, and he should be carefully watching him as if anything goes out of hand he should be going to bring the other forces. Officer asked him, what has happened, detective told him, that, look in this jungle, no where it is seen that trees are shedding g their leaves , but here there are plenty of leaves, the place where they have recovered the body and for this it is essential that, it has been created , and also look at the trees of this places , all the trees have leaves , nothing empty and bare trees are here , then why can one presume that all these leaves which has been here for some square meters , are naturally done , it must be done deliberately to hide something more in this place and I have to find it out , Ittech told the officer.

Then, within ten minutes, Ittech removed all the leaves and they found out that there are step marks due to rain and mud in earlier occasions and those steps had been there as it is due to coverings of the leaves. Then, detective Ittech pour some white materials on to it and after few second that size of footsteps been created and then, he cut that in shape, in this manner he took away four to five different sized footsteps, there and then, he kept in a separate, chamber of his tool box. This is another nice lead to the case, as it seems that, these footsteps should be from one of the member or more than one member of mansion pride and prejudice, it is high time, he had to preserve this and then compare these secretly so that the real culprit, which should have the chain relation to this case, must have something relation to this development. Officer is also thinking similar parts but could not relate all those matters in the series manner and for this, it is essential for him to correlate all these developments one by one .

The genius of detective Ittech goes on with some other directions, which officer can even think of, as it is presumed that approximately it has been for sure that detective Ittech has concluded but he has to find each part of conspirators and the motive and therefore he has crossed the boundaries of mansion pride and prejudice to reach this jungle to solve this case. Then, Ittech bow to the land and try to touch it and then make the sound from it and then after continual try of 30 minutes he suddenly stopped at some point. He is laughing like a small kid and he told the officer that, he needs his help, the officer anxiously wants to help him and smiled positively and then, from his toolbox  he brought out two digger machines, run by battery and wind and he gave one to officer, and officer confusingly looked at that machine, as this machine was created by detective Ittech specifically for his investigative purposes and for this , he demonstrated how this machine works to officer for ten minutes , it is easy , just switch it on and then did into the soil.

In the meantime Ittech told the officer , this machine can easily without hurting itself dig the soil , stone and wood and for this , here , if he found the trace of wood , as the sound while digging the soil would change there , then he should convey me and stopped digging. Officer now realizes that , detective Ittech has been searching for something and he is very close to it and for this , he is enthusiastic and hoping that he would be getting the trace of wood first to show his caliber and enthusiastic to sh showcase is real talent.

After few minutes, Ittech and officer busy in digging the places, which Ittech detected and within ten minutes the officer, called detective that he listened some other sounds at one point and he has shown that particular place to him. Detective Ittech with joy, a childish enthusiasm comes running to that place and then, from his tool box throws something on that soil and within few seconds, the soil removed and there shows the wooden door. The officer surprisingly said from his mouth wows and the real path and the future lead can be from here.

Now, detective told to officer that , he himself getting into this secret path , and officer should be here , and Ittech will not be entering there , instead he would leave the secret robot , as small ant , inside the secret path of jungle and then he would be returning from there , and from a distance he can relentlessly watch inside that path , so the apprehension that officer , is first thinking about the safety of great detective is slowly vanished from his thought processes, the main aim is to enter the secret passage that has just been discovered at this juncture by Ittech and then put the secret robot ant inside it so that it can send everything to Ittech computer and high resolution definition multimedia so that , he can watch that passage without staying inside and without taking the risks.

In the next article, Ittech will be entering the secret passage and leave the robot ant inside it and the description of inside this passage would be interesting, stay tuned.