- Dissertation Sur Agriculture

Dissertation Sur Agriculture

Study on the consumption of honey in Aragon

Introduction In order to know the commercialization of honey in Aragon and the main distribution channels in the honey market , as well as the preferences, attitudes and purchase motivations that Aragon consumers have towards honey, an exploratory investigation was carried out using primary sources of information based on the survey formulation and for the

Remote sensing technologies for Precision Agricultural Aviation (PAA)

Recent increase in world’s population has necessitated the need for boosting production in agriculture to meet the ever increasing population. The continuous application of chemical pesticides to promote crop protection programs is paramount (Glass et al., 2010; Popp et al., 2013). Pesticide usage has become an integral component of modern agriculture and has contributed to

Marketing issues in today’s livestock sector

Livestock sector is economically vital due to the various contributions. This sector generates employment, provide income and a source of livelihood for many rural and urban inhabitants. The poultry sector in China provides many opportunities in the form of jobs creation, source of animal protein for many household. Poultry meat is one of the mostly

Production and trade of small ruminants in Ghana

Introduction Small ruminant especially goat and sheep are economically significant in agricultural sector of most developing nations including Ghana. According to Winrock (1983) Sheep and goat are mostly reared by household members and required low maintenance costs, low start-up capital and can increase herd size within a short possible time. Livestock also serves as source

Banana cultivation issues in Pakistan

Global production of sweet banana is facing serious threat from Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc), pathogen of Panama disease. Current banana cultivar, the Cavendish, replaced Gros Michael during the mid-twentieth century after devastation caused by Foc race1 and now it covers 99% of global banana trade. Race4, the new Foc strain, is virulent not

La production mondiale de soja

S’alimenter est un besoin vital chez l’être humain. C’est pour cette raison que le secteur agro-alimentaire est d’ordre primordial ou l’unique but des industries agroalimentaires est de garantir au consommateur des produits alimentaires stables et sains. L’industrie agroalimentaire parmi les secteurs qui sont en pleine croissance et de façon continue. Il s’agit d’un utilisateur important

The impact of ethylene on lettuce root elongation

Ethylene is a hormone involved in many developmental processes, but its impact on lettuce seedling elongation will be the primary purpose of this experiment.  Ethephon (Eth) at various doses will serve as the group of interest and Aminooxyacetic acid (AoA) will act as the ethylene inhibitor.  The method will include observations in total root growth

Water systems of the US and related human activities

There are approximately 250,000 river systems in the United States which equate to about 3,250,000 miles of natural waterways that have played a vital part towards the exploration, settlement, and development of the nation’s frontier . Today, these same rivers continue to provide communities with drinking water, irrigation supplies, transportation possibilities, hydropower, land drainage, and

L’industrie de coproduit alimentation animale

Les industries de la première transformation → à vérifier 1) Céréales a) Amidonnerie-Féculerie Présentation de la filière : L’industrie de l’amidonnerie-féculerie consiste à séparer les constituants des plantes amylacées, telles que le blé tendre, le maïs ou la pomme de terre. Ces constituants sont : l’amidon, la protéine, l’enveloppe cellulosique, les fractions solubles et, dans

Des entreprises dans le secteur agricole marocain

Il est nécessaire de faire un rappel de la définition de la RSE et ses quatre aspects (environnemental, économique, social et civique). L’aspect environnemental et la durabilité de l’action de l’entreprise Des initiatives existent concernant l’impact environnemental des entreprises. Par exemple, des projets visant à recycler le plastique noir utilisé dans la culture des fruits

Le début de l’agriculture

Le début de l’agriculture a grandement changé notre rapport avec la nature, c’est la base des civilisations. Avant cela, les humains devaient aller chasser et trouver leur nourriture dans la nature, ils étaient des chasseurs-cueilleurs. Cependant, le développement de l’agriculture a changé comment l’humain se procure de la nourriture. L’agriculture est un aspect très important