Google search Console: step-by-step guide

Google search Console is a tool provided by google for free to assist owners of website to maintain and analyze their websites presence in results of Google search. It gives vital marketing statistics which you require to begin analyzing from first day. It additionally shows you regarding errors, security problems, and indexing issues which could have an effect on your internet sites rankings in search result.

Step 1. Including the internet site in Google search Console

Just visit Google search Console site & tap at start now button. Youll be requested to login from a Gmail or google account. As soon as logged in, you should have to type in your internet site URL.Now, keep in mind that Google considers an HTTP and HTTPS as separate protocols. It additionally, considers & as seperate websites.You have to ensure you type in the working URL of your internet site.In case you are uncertain, then login on your WordPress admin area and visit Settings » general page. There you can see your internet sites URL within the field known as site address.After typing in your internet site address, tap at add property option to go forward.After that, you’ll be requested to confirm ownership of your internet site. There are numerous methods to make this, however you can try the HTML tag technique as it’s far simpler one. Tap at HTML tag to see it after that copy the contents within it. Afterwards, you have to install the plugin Insert Headers & Footers & activate it in the WordPress internet site. After activation, visit Settings » Insert Headers & Footers section & paste contents that you had copied before within Scripts in Header field.Dont try forgetting to tap at save button to save your modifications.You could now return to the Google search Console settings & tap at verify button. Google search Console begins to search for HTML tag inside the internet site and shows you the success notification message.

Step 2. Configuring the name of the domain preferable to you

For this, you’ll have to go to old view of the search engine’s console. just choose the go to the old version by left side column. You will be now redirected to old view. To set your preferable domain, you have to choose an icon that look like gear after that choose site settings. After that, you can see a page with three alternatives for the

favored domain. The primary choice is not to set a preferable domain’s name that would not be suggestible. And then, you can see the domain having www & not having www before the name of the domain. You have to select the name that was used by you while submitting the site for Google search Console. don’t forget that this have to be similar to the name you would find on your settings webpage of WordPress. Dont neglect to choose the option to save for applying the settings.

Step 3. Set the country you need to target

Visit the old view of Google search Console, & in the search traffic menu choose the international the country tab & then select your preferable country appropriate for targeting.Now, selecting the country doesnt imply that the internet site will stop appearing in results of search done in other nations. If relevancy of page is good for the people in different locations, then search engine will still show the page in its results.

Step 4. including the Sitemap in XML

Generate a XML sitemap link for your website from a XML Sitemap generator, it may look like In the dashboard of Google search Console, find and select ‘sitemaps’ option in left column, next type in the link excluding domain name (eg. in URL. Select the submit option to apply the changes. Google search Console will go and take a look at the sitemap & use that information to enhance your internet site indexing process.

Step 5. linking Google Analytics with Google search Console

To establish a successful link between Google search Console and Google Analytics, you have to navigate to dashboard of google analytics to your internet site. At the bottom left corner of your screen, select the admin option Now you can view the google analytics as admin. At this stage you have to select the option property Settings next you have to select the adjust search Console option. (On the upcoming page, you have to select the add option to pick your internet site.) Google analytics will now redirect you to google search console page where you can view list of website(s) indexed in search engine’s console. pick out the internet site you have to connect to the Google Analytics account after that select save option.

Thats it, you did a successful linking between your Google search Console & the Google Analytics. Now, you may view your newly un-clocked reports of the search Console on your account in Google Analytics at the Acquisition reports section.