8 Tips For First-time Renters That Make Renting And Moving Easier

If you are renting a house or apartment for the first time, you are likely excited. This time in your life can be fun, but you may be unsure of some things too. Here are some tips that may answer some of your questions.

Set up your utilities

If you have never had utilities in your name, you will need to call the water department of your city and the electric and gas companies. You will need to establish accounts with all of these (if they are utilities you will have to pay) before you move in. Cable and internet also count as utilities, but these can be set up at a later date if you prefer.

Don’t be afraid to decorate

Unpacking can be difficult and time consuming. To make the process easier, you can decorate as you unpack. This will help your new rent house feel like home more quickly. Tip: Organize your boxes as you pack and move to keep up with all of your items.

Get an extra set of keys

Many times a landlord will provide you with an extra key for your new rent house. But if you need another one for emergencies, you will have to get one made. Be sure to check with the landlord to see if they can provide more than one extra key and tell them why you need it.

Make sure your furniture will fit

Whether you have furniture yet or not, you should be sure to measure the space you will have. This will help you decide what you can keep or what you might need to buy. It is common for first-time renters to have to buy a least a few staples for their new house.

Meet your neighbors

Meeting your neighbors may seem unnecessary, but they can help you get acquainted with your new neighborhood. They will appreciate the gesture and you will enjoy knowing there are friendly people close by.

Change your address

A step like this can easily be forgotten until later during the hecticness of a move. Be sure to keep a list of everywhere you need to change your address. This includes everything from your driver’s license to your credit card companies to gym memberships.

Go shopping for new things

When you move out on your own for the first time, there are likely some items you would never think to buy. It is best to have these items before you need them. You can

create your own checklist and use some of the items below.

A shower curtain and liner
One or two bathmats
Cleaning supplies
Wall hooks
At least one lamp
An area rug
Curtains and drapery
Blankets and sheets
Dishes and cutlery
Pots and pans
Oven mitts
A coffee maker
Closet shelving or storage
A laundry hamper
Clothes hangers
Hand towels
Soap for the kitchen and bathroom
Toilet paper
A vacuum
A tool kit
A few flashlights

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Many people do not like asking for help, even when that might need it. If you are confused about any aspect of renting a house or moving, don’t hesitate to ask someone for assistance. You most likely know one or two people who are renting or have rented in the past. They should have some tips of their own to make the process easier for you. You can even ask your new landlord for advice, especially if you have moved cities and are unsure of the area in which you live.