The problem of homelessness in Canada

Homeless people are those who are unable to afford the rent of the houses because of the high living standards of the society. It also means to the person who is not able to afford for shelter, food, clothes and education. Another cause of this problem is unemployment, discrimination, racism and the relationship breakdowns. Nowadays, we can see a lot of homeless people around us like in bus stations, in roads, and in many public places.

There are plenty of causes why homelessness increased very rapidly. Initially, inflation is becoming a big problem because it raises within the time which makes a problem for poor people. They cannot afford the rent of the houses and become poorer. Moreover, the another reason is unemployment within the increasing of population, a person cannot get a job because the reason of poverty and sometimes discrimination on the basis of caste, color and creed from which they cannot get a good job, though they have a good qualification which makes a lot of difficulties to survive in expensive era. Further, some couples have divorce by that they ruined all their money on drugs because of feeling alone and becoming homeless people. Next one, some people are leaving the hospitals because of their mental health and become homeless and then they abuse the other people, also women who have a bad experience in her life like violence or poverty then she thinks to choose an  option of homelessness.

By becoming homelessness, it also makes an impact on poor people as well as the public because when people have no shelter they come to roads and start begging in front of the public. And because of this, they have done some criminal activities like stealing, to kill someone and so many. Also, when some relationships are broken, there is no one to care about their children and they become alone.

In Canada, the proportion of homeless people is more because they must pay the 30 percent of housing rent and they also suffer from a lot of health problems. They are found on sidewalks, in cars, in garages too. There are not an exact number of people in Canada who are homeless. I have one example in hasting streets. There are a lot of homeless people who also suffer from many diseases. The government does a lot of facilities for homeless people like they provide funds to the treatment of homeless people and the reduce the rent of the houses. That’s why they open some organizations who provide free food, clothes to the homeless people. For example nonprofit communities and temples. They also buy a few hotels for homeless people for a short time and provide medical facilities to those people. Eventually, it has increased day by day and spread all over the world which makes a great impact on the economic status of the country. Government has made some solutions, but all are for a short time, not for a long time.

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