The dangers of keeping pet dogs out in the open

This is a peculiar problem and am sure it must be the same for many of use who are experiencing this peculiar but dangerous problem that has been going on and the basic of this problem is that people do have pet dogs and they stay at home and in many counties there has been the similar trends that is going on and it is perhaps legal in those countries to have pet dog in their disposal at home.

It is not matter of great concern to have this at home but the situation aggravated when these dogs has been ventured out in the open by their owners to have call of nature and in this manner three has been several problems with it and that needs to be discussed here and it seems all has been some sort of grave situation when you will read about it, at the end of this write up you will know better about it and with due course of time it is absolutely clear that there should be some sort of good law and backed by  government of the day activism so that all these laws can be implicate and obeyed by those citizens who  have dogs in their home and they used to walk with them out in the open and why this should be done the details will be written here in the middle of the article.

It is absolutely no problem to have pet dog in your house hold as per scientific understanding the mind of dogs and man is about ninety percentages similar and it is for sure absolutely that the dogs used to stay loyal with humans and some poets and writers also fully emphasized the fact that the way dog becomes loyal it is evident form the fact that they are more loyal than your own children, if it is true or false it is a separate matter of discussion but it also true that they are being more loyal than any other animals and for this matter it is of absolute understanding why house holds love the dog and want to keep in their house holds so much so that they always feel at home with them and many a times they use to treat them as their own family members by taking care of them more than anything and also used to care like more of costly

dog foods, medical care and other cares and so on.

These may be sounding some sort of loft analogy but it is also true that some human do love dogs and they do not have any objections if they stay at home. They why this article is some sort of generating the negative connotations against the dogs? This article does care about dogs but care more about humans.

There are many reasons why the people do want to have dogs in their house holds as if their house is big and in some sort of locality where there is less home and there are chances that your neighbor is far away from your home and this means that in that situation you are alone with your family members, and for this the most significant part is the security and of course you do install the security systems and other related modern equipments but that does not make it the factor any more the most important and the visible understanding is how to make feel safe and for this purpose only you go for the metal satisfaction and also you can envision the security in action with the advent and advance of dogs who are being domesticated and also big dogs and they are very loyal and they can even give their life I order to save you so for this purpose only you pet dogs.

In this way at each and every moment you will feel at home in terms of security parameters and with each passing moments you will see that you body guard is there always with you, and those are the pet dogs and for this your ambition and the sense of security augmented. Then at some other situations, if you are rich and affluent and want to show this to all of yours , there are many ways you can show your richness to others so that they can have the jealously imparted for you and one is to show many buildings and other related structures, and on one of the more way is to have wonderful and costly pets at your disposal and when you venture out in the open, yours dogs will be out with you and that will be the show of strength of yours, this can be the show of mighty and this will encourage to have more and more dogs at your disposal.

There are many types and kinds and the situations where you want   to have dogs at your disposal for the domestic safety and the problem then lies is being considered grave when you or your lieutenant goes out in the open , to have with your dogs and that is not annoying or the jealous in the making the most significant part here is that of course it is your right  to have dogs out in the open but similarly there are also some sort of duties of yours towards  the society that they  do not harm the person who are out  in the open for some work.

Why dogs should not be in the streets: First I shall be stressing the point of the pet dogs and they should not be out in the open as they pose the serious danger to trespassers and the people who are in the road by walk. They pose the serious problems to bystanders and the person who goes into the road through walk, the real problem lies with the psychology of dogs. Dogs are rational animals just like the humans and they want to stay in the group they will never go alone and they stay at one of the congenial group and for this the real parameters and the understandings of it that if you keep a pet dog at your home then the problem lies with it that they can be more violent towards the other person when they are out in the open with you.

Even if they are chained, they pose the most voltaic situations to other persons as pet dogs stay alone or with one or more animals at home and they really miss the part that is of their society and with it the real parameters and the basic understanding of it is that they want  to stay at the society, they cannot harm their owners as they are very loyal but when they come out in the open they think many persons as their enemies and if they have not bee controlled, and this does means that they should be controlled by chain and the chain holders must be strong enough to control it, as when seeing the outsiders at outside the pet dogs many a time got violent enough so that they can pull the owners with the chain and with it they can forcefully bite the persons who are just crossing the line, people are harmless at this case and in this situations they have been mercilessly attacked by the dogs for no reason at all and this is not good.

In many situations the pet dogs is being kept out in the open by their owners and they will be out in the open and without their owner and not chained and they will do their call of nature out side and also can be uncontrolled, and there are instances when at vegetable markets there are pet dogs , and the owners of the dog set them free so that they can be outside for some time , this can be good but it is not good in any sense as many a times they attacks the innocent humans who are out in the open to shop the vegetable for their family and they have been very dangerously attacked by the dogs in their legs and hips and these are very worrying signs and the owner of the dog must be reprimanded for these grave act of set them free and then do not watch them while the pet dogs are outside.

These dogs bites are more or less very dangerous and many a times are fatal and this can be very bad for the society and also how the owners of these pets are setting them free as the domesticate animals are always been from the mind set has been very bad to all the others persons except their family members and for this the real trend and also other related understanding are that of all the others pose threat and that is why when they are outside and that without their owner and  not chained then they at many a times they pick some one and hold them responsible and see the enemy inside them and then they attack them with some sort of gruesome manner and those at some times are being deadly and this can have the possibilities of mortal combat situations.

Think of it the pet owners and this is the time to think about the more and more possible situations and they should now better go for and have thought about the persons who are traveling outside and they must be thinking about them as with each and every person their lies a family and also their family is being awaiting them eagerly so much so that it is also  duty and responsibility for them to be vigil and control the aggression being meted out by their pet dogs.