Application for a graduate degree in Business Analytics

Influencing the business around the world, technology has changed the industries and firms in a way one could have never imagined. Globalization of business, swift technological advancement and fierce global competition has resulted in complex business environment. In such a challenging business environment, the need for integration of technology and analysis of data in business to understand the shift in dynamics and make informed decision has increased.

With my extensive educational and professional background in business, I feel that I am ready to move forward in the field of Business Analytics to keep up with the growing industry. So, considering my aptitude, interest and my ultimate professional ambition, I wish to pursue a graduate degree in Business Analytics.

Truly saying, the idea of business management always had a faint interest in my heart since an early age while witnessing the business activities of my parents. As the trail of Mount Dhaulagiri had been able to pull people from every part of the world towards my village, I got chance to see and observe people from various aspects of life coming from different nationalities, culture, religion and location. While my parents welcomed every guest with a humble Namaste to our hotel and provided rich hospitality to them that had in exchange put bread and butter on our table, it opened my eyes to how business management works and developed an urge in me to enter the immense world of management.

Consequently, I decided to study Bachelors of Business Administration for my undergraduate degree. As I drilled down along my academic and professional years, I witnessed the important of integration of data and information in business to devise solutions to the problems. During my internship in digital marketing company, I gained valuable insight and exposure to many of the elements of data and information management. It was an eye opening experience to witness how companies increase their productivity by assessing data to identify target customers and utilize information to make more accurate and advanced business strategies.

This experience helped me gain familiarization with concept of Business Analytics and I started to be driven by the idea of understanding it further. Adding to my endeavor in practical learning was my experience in an NGO, We Inspire Nepal, where I worked on various projects such as The Female Champions, Girls Summit. As a project assistant manager, I was assigned with the role of planning, organizing, keeping track and

completing the project in timely manner.

While data management systems have become an essential catalyst in many organizations, NGOs have not been able to take advantage of these systems. As such, large amount of data and information are handled using office tools. This has narrowed the flexibility for the organization, making the planning and executing part more complicated and time consuming. This experience has also led me to a realization that data management plays a vital role during such projects. Ever since I realized that a business and technology program such as Business Analytics is the career I want to pursue in.

I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when broken into short termed goals. As such, my short-term goal is to be involved in a reputed institution where I get to learn and gain as much experience as possible and apply them in a real-life scenario. With this in mind, I plan on working as a Business Consultant for a few years where I can practically learn to make sense of data, understand patterns and draw conclusion. Nepal being one of the least developed countries in the world is yet to be digitalized in various sectors. One of which includes data management; where data is only limited to hardcopy.

Hence, in the long-term, I plan to return back to my country, where a rapidly evolving market needs qualified technological workforce. In near future, the aspect of business analytics will be of greater significance and I intend to utilize my expertise of management and technology combined to run a business consultant firm in Nepal and extend my service to local companies to assist in their growth.

Thus, I believe studying master program in Business Analytics is a right choice for me and will allow me to achieve this goal. My heightened interest in Business Analytics program drove my upcoming academic destination to the United States of America. The reason was simple: diversity and quality education. The quality of education in the U.S.A is highly acclaimed worldwide and its ability to convert the education gained towards practicability makes me choose it as my captivating study destination.

From the research carried out on internet I learned that University has faculty who primarily focuses on uplifting the managerial knowledge in a student alongside making sure that student does know the practical application of the curriculum taught. Universitys rich interdisciplinary history and outstanding faculty member provides a great opportunity for me to stand in a good stead to broaden and enhance my theoretical and realistic knowledge in the field of Business Analytics to the fullest.

Conclusively, studying M.Sc in Business Analytics at  University for me is a journey to get insights, develop technical foundation and enhance managerial skills. The course will help me to prepare ideally to tackle the difficulties of business community as well as prepare me to assess data to process valuable information.