How to Achieve Success as a Nursing Student in RDPN program

Success is something more than wealth, power and fame. To get success in any field an individual has to have a passion to do something. A profession like nursing requires all the best qualities such as communication skills, flexibility, empathy, emotional stability etc. that someone would look into a really helpful friend. To become a successful registered psychiatric nurse, nursing education is a key that helps an individual to build up opinions and have a point of view in life. Furthermore, time management, participation in class and short term as well as long term goals, are some of the major elements which help to achieve success as a nursing student in a registered psychiatric nursing program.

Importance of time management

Time is very valuable because once it’s gone it never comes back so it is important for nursing  students to know that in order to optimize the performance in nursing studies a student needs to develop a strong time management skill which means having a proper study schedule, never procrastinate and stay away from distractions like mobile phone, video games etc. Therefore, little changes can help students to achieve better grades. According to Nayank (2018), “Good Time management benefits in several ways including greater productivity, less stress, improved efficiency, more opportunities for professional advancement and greater opportunities to achieve career and life goals” (p.1997).

Students need to learn how to prioritize and complete one thing at times because multiple tasking could increase the risk of failure that’s why it is important for a nursing student to have a positive attitude and discipline. Nayank (2018) states that: time management is an exceptionally important skill for nursing students for their academic life and career since they must be prepared for unanticipated emergencies and urgencies at workplace. Hence, it is vital for the students to understand the significance of the notion of time and gaining time management skills. (p.2000)

Participation in class

Participation in class plays a vital role in the success of student’s studies. When students participate in the class they learn how to express, convey their ideas to other students, build their confidence and motivation to succeed academically. Participations also improves the critical and higher level of thinking skills. Students who participate in class regularly are more likely to get academic success because they always put some kind efforts which makes the material more interesting and the tendency of remembering the course material increases in those

active students.

Some student never participates in class because they usually have a fear in their mind that if they answer wrong, they will get embarrassed which can effect on their academic performance. “The benefits of class participation for college students include improvements in grades, motivation, learning, critical thinking, character development, written and oral communication, appreciation of cultural differences and group interpersonal interactions” (Eliason & Turalba, 2019, p.1258).

Short- term and long- term goals

Goals are considered as a skill that develops with the change of time. Short term goals are something that can be accomplished in days or weeks whereas long term goals require some time of period like months or years and planning. A goal should be very clear and well organized. It is important for a nursing student to set a realistic long-term goal and work backward from those to set smaller short-term goals. Moreover, think about how to plan that goal in order to get success and try to divide work into small parts.

Additionally, setting too many goals can become frustrating sometimes so it is a good idea to work on the basis of priority and have a limited goal; focus on them to get better results. According to Day-Calder (2017), in order to set a goal an individual need to choose a motivational clear goal, add different ideas, write a goal on a piece of paper as a reminder, check back if there’s any improvement, work on it until get succeed and at the end once it’s accomplished celebrate.


In a nutshell, success cannot be achieved in a day; the key to success is a hard work. To accomplish a better future in nursing studies allocation of time, active engagement and having a realistic aim is a sign of a good work ethic which promotes the academic performance.