Channel management in business

Channel management is a process which helps companies to reach maximum customers by developing marketing and sales strategies. Each organization wants to build good relation with their customers by fulfilling their requirements to succeed in the business. Channel management works with the aim to have proper communication between customer and the service provider for better service. Proper channel management is a way to streamline the process for better marketing and sale of the products. They also works to put a process in place to provide service to the customers afterwards.

Channel management process

1) Analyze the consumer – To understand the requirements of a consumer in a better way analysis is required. If company will be clear about the needs of their consumer they can serve the customer better.

2) Channel objectives – After understanding the customer needs, channel should have strategies in place on “how to fulfill customer’s requirements”.

3) Distribution task – Clear roles of all the members should be defined to perform better in job assigned to them and for better communication in the channel.

4) Identify and evaluate channel alternatives – Identification of channel alternative is required for proper communication with the customer and evaluation is required for better performance as a team to meet the customer’s requirements.

The roles of the channel management

1) Prioritize customer needs – Channel management understands the needs of the customers and aligns the task and optimizes it to fulfill the customers’ requirements.

2) Aim of channel management is to build brand value – Channel management helps in building brand value that is just not based on the quality of the product but also based on customer service.

3) Customizing the customer care – Every customer have different choices and channel management tries to fulfill each customer as per their requirements by optimizing their service process.

4) Channel conflict – Conflicts between the channels can affect the performance. Members should try to resolve the conflicts by redesigning their process, strategies to meet the end goal with efficient performance and to provide good service to its customer.

5) Relationship management – Channel should establish and maintain their relationship with the vendors and other team members to meet the customer requirements.

P & WC hired Createch group to improve their services. The group is specialized in the supply chain optimization, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. They help companies to improve their profitability by optimizing the business model by integrating it with the

IT software’s. So that companies can perform and finish their tasks in a better way to satisfy the customer needs. The aim of P&WC is to fulfill their customer’s requirements on time and to provide better customer service.

P&WC and Createch when worked together, the information flow was proper and manufacturing time was reduced, which resulted in achieving the goal before time with profitability and the client were also satisfied with the outcome. From above, it is understood that, the goal of the organizations is to understand the customer requirements and to fulfill the same with proper flow of information. With proper system in place they can finish the task with profitability and on/before time. They work towards the goal to provide efficient customer service to succeed in the business.