Discrimination of dark medical caretakers in Canada

This article discusses the unrecognized and undervalued commitments of dark medical caretakers in Canada. Medical caretakers help in care conveyance and shape the social insurance framework in Canada. With the novel Covid-19 infection, attendants are generally expected to help in the human services framework. This is notwithstanding the bigotry that Black medical caretakers have looked previously and keep on confronting. Dark medical caretakers are seen to be uncouth and not having nursing abilities.

Along these lines, they are kept from seeking after nursing professions. The article reports the bigotry and separation that Black attendants face in Canada. As per the article, these medical attendants are not given basic territories like escalated care. They are rather smoothed out in regions like that are all the more truly requesting and demanding. They involve non-strength jobs like individual consideration laborers. Ladies Black medical caretakers are defied with unfair limitation as well as experience bigotry and sexism. This article talks about the unrecognized and under-appreciated contributions of black nurses in Canada.

Nurses help in care delivery and shape the health care system in Canada. With the novel Covid-19 disease, nurses are most needed to help in the healthcare system. This is despite the racism that Black nurses have faced in the past and continue to face. Black nurses are perceived to be incompetent and not possessing nursing skills. Thus, they are prevented from pursuing nursing careers. The article reports the racism and discrimination that Black nurses face in Canada. According to the article, these nurses are not given critical areas like intensive care. They are instead streamlined in areas like that are more physically demanding and strenuous. They occupy non-specialty roles like personal care workers.

Women Black nurses are not only confronted with glass ceiling but also experience racism and sexism. How does discrimination and racism of black nurses affect Canadians? As many countries try to make efforts in curbing and condemning racism, Canada still continues to perpetuate racism through the nursing profession. This issue affects Canadians in that they do not get proper health care services because they do not embrace black nurses. During this period of Covid-19, when nurses are needed most, black nurses could be of great help in the country in offering health care services. Canadians would not lose lives because of lack of enough nurses in the Canadian health care system.

I believe Black nurses could be of great help if given equal

opportunities like other nurses. Racial profiling of nurses is costly to the Canadians because they ought to receive health care services without minding who is providing them. The most important thing is to ensure that Canadians heal from diseases regardless of the colour of the nurse who is providing the service. Racial profiling of black nurses has been felt recently when the country is in dire need of nurses and health care services due to the novel Covid-19 disease. With more than 75,000 coronavirus infections and more than 5,000 deaths so far, Canadians have lost their lives from the disease. These deaths could have been alleviated if more black nurses were given a chance to help in providing health care services.

I think more deaths not only from Covid-19 could be avoided in future by incorporating more Black nurses in the Canadian health professionals. Racial discrimination should be stopped in health care professionals. If a black nurse is well qualified and experienced, he/she should be allowed to offer her services to the Canadian population without racially discriminating him/her. Black nurses should not be vilified or undermined despite their qualifications. I believe they can offer good services in health care services, just like their white counterparts. If we are to end racism, then it should start with the nursing profession.