Research and development
ELEPHANT VERT conducts research aimed at developing innovative, safe and reliable products that improve agricultural productivity and increase quality of life
We will publicly disclose research and development results of significance in an objective and accurate way
We will investigate all credible reports of previously unknown short and long term effects associated with the correct use of our products and take appropriate actions.
We will only collaborate on scientific research and development with organizations which apply similar ethical standards.

Product safety, quality and stewardship
ELEPHANT VERT ensures the quality and safety of its products and services by applying state of the art science and technology standards throughout a product life cycle and ensuring adequate training for our employees and customers
We will work closely with customers, contractors, users and all other stakeholders to ensure proper and responsible use of our products and understanding of the precautions that apply throughout the product life cycle.
We will carefully identify hazards, assess risk associated with the use of the pesticides and alert users of consequences from misuse of a product on the product package, leaflet and label. Products carry clear end user instructions concerning safe and storage, use and disposal.
ELEPHANT VERT employees will establish robust testing and processes to ensure all internal standards and legislative and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded and will report to companymanagement any failure in meeting our standards or misuse of our products.
Asset protection
ELEPHANT VERT respects the property rights of others and vigorously defends its own property rights
We will protect all company assets, property andresources securely and will only apply and use them for the purpose of the company’s business and activities and not for our own personal gain
We will keep confidential and protect trade secrets belonging to ELEPHANT VERT or other companies and not make any non-business use of them.
Information generated within ELEPHANT VERT, including information relating to research and development, manufacturing data, costs, prices, sales, profits, markets, customers and methods of doing business in the property of ELEPHANT VERT and will not, unless legally required, be disclosed outside ELEPHANT VERT without proper authority
Intellectual property rights
ELEPHANT VERT considers effective intellectual property (IP) protection essential to encourage innovative. To be effective, any IP system must maintain the right balance between the needs of society and the interest of the inventor.
We will protect and assert our IP rights rigorously and will respect the IP rights of others.
Our employees play a fundamental role in our performances as business
We ensure our diversity policies provide fair treatment for all employees and we aim for the highest, internationally acknowledged benchmarks of fairness, honesty and integrity.
Labor rights
ELEPHANT VERT complies with all labor laws, national and international codes and conventions and is committed to upholding the principles set out in the universal declaration of human rights and the international labor organization’s core conventions.
We organize employees ‘rights to become members of relevant labor unions and/or other employee organizations and bargain collectively. Workers ‘representatives are not discriminated against and have access to carry out their representative functions in the workplace.
We do not use forced, bonded or compulsory labor and refrain from any form of exploitative child labor practices
Discrimination and harassment
ELEPHANT VERT I committed to maintaining workplace environment free from discrimination and harassment. Success and advancement withinELEPHANT VERT must depends on personal ability and work performance
We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, disability, age , sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, family status, political views or any others characteristics protected by law
We prohibited harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, mental and visual harassment
Every employee must respect the rights of colleagues to work free from any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace
We will make decision about people for the purpose of recruitment, development or promotion purely on the basis of their performance, ability and potential in relation to the requirement of the job.
We encourage any employee who believes he or she has suffered discrimination or harassment to report it to their managers, or through the ELEPHANT VERT compliance helpline, we will investigate every report impartially and follow up proven violations with appropriate measures.
ELEPHANT VERTvalues diversity and fosters a culture that allows each individual to contribute to his or her fullest potential
We actively recruit employees to reflect the board range of cultures beliefs and backgrounds of the communities where we operate and the customers we serve
We will treat every employee with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect.
Benefits of having a comprehensive Code of Ethics in your company
Implementing code of conduct has several advantages:
For the firm:
• Code of conduct gives more Credibility, sustainability and corporate culture
• The code could further encourage the corporation to know their legal and ethical obligations and behave appropriately

For employees:
• It allows for example to generate additional motivation for the employees.
• The employees are more easy to manage because they are more receptive
• Pride of belonging and solidarity for internal employees
For stakeholders
• when looking for financial partners for example, the ethical values of the company can influence the final decision
• It is a way to reassure stakeholders about the integrity of society.

A proposal for a letter from the president

Elephant vert mision is to provide Long-lasting and integrated solutions to improve yields and agricultural products, accessible to many farmers to fight poverty and promote sustainable development
Our ambition is to be the most collaborative and trusted team in sustainable agriculture depends on each other and every one of us.trust and ethics go hand in hand-we buikd trust when leaders and employees live by our value, work transparently, and hold each other accountable to keep our committement to growers and planet.

Farmers, research bodies, government and organizations want to collaborate with companies that not only bring great innovation but whse leaders and employees have a reputation for working ethically

Trust help us build the long-term partnership we need to maintien and expand our freedom to operate

We are committed to increasing diversity by forstering an inclusive culture that embraces difference in all its forms, where people feel they belong and can be the best version of themselves
The auditing, monitoring and improvement processes.
To maintain a credible code of conduct it’s necessary to plan some audits and monitoring , the audit by be done internally by compliance officer and/or by external agencies to have an external view.
The compliance officer or the committee should plan some monitoring process to be sure about the involvement of the employees in ethical culture
After auditing and monitoring, may be some non compliance are detected so to correct them , an action plan is needed to improve continuously

As Elephant vert produce argicultral bio-intrant and and among them compost which is based on animal and vegetable waste , I propose that Elephant vert choose poor villages in a subsaharian countries which practice agriculture and construct a platform in which it can buy their waste to make compost and provide work to them , for this sens the project can be financed by the Antenna foundation which cares lot about sustainability

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