Freedom of speech on social media

In the modern era it is essential to discuss the importance of freedom of speech on social media and to defend it. Nowadays we can all see that the internet has taking over the world that we live in. Everything, both news, music, information even marketing is on the internet. The Internet has been an easier way to connect with the other parts of the world. For intense we all know whats happening in Japan, because social networking exists. Apps on mobile devices such as Facebook, WhatsApp, skype, Instagram, snap Chat and even others, permits us to gather information on a specific themes, events or news.

Some people think that freedom of speech is something bad on social media because they adapt an ideology telling them that Freedom of Speech means that a person can say whatever they want to say, but its not. However, Freedom of Speech means that someone’s right to say something is protected within certain limits. A person has the right to say it, but they also have the consequences.

Like its has been said, Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. I truly believe that liberty of expression can be used for good raisons, especially because its a way human been can express his ideas without any harassment from anybody, the internet is full of information, and some of this information is placed in social media by the same people that believe in social media.

As youths social media is our advantage, because we are the ones that created it and uses it the most, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interaction. And the only thing that can reinforce those opportunities for learning and interaction is freedom of speech. To conclude, Freedom of Speech is very important, and we shouldnt allow it to stop on social media, because it holds so many things that can help us to develop as responsible young adults. Together as youths, we can persuade others to allow freedom of speech on the internet!

Freedom of expression is the right of the individual to publicize the product of his or her own intellectual activity to his or her entourage. Freedom of expression is the fact of being able to express oneself freely. It proceeds from the ability to communicate between humans, which has long been only considered a mere natural phenomenon

conditioning social life, before being solemnly erected in individual freedom, now legally guaranteed but actually pretty tightly framed. Freedom of expression allows young people to express their desires, ideas and opinions. Nowadays, more and more young people are using social networks. Be to share their days, their thoughts… Etc.

Internet and social networks are often presented as non-law areas. Freedom of expression, in particular, would be no Young people are filled with talent, intelligence and strength. Their ideas can change the world and improve the world. That is why we have to let them express themselves on social networks. This is no longer to be proven today. Social networks have been imposed for a decade as vectors of freedom of expression. Social networks are their world, their spaces, their personal space. It is through social networks that they feel free. Therefore, social networks are no longer mere community platforms, but free expression zones that allow the silent masses to obtain one of the most fundamental rights: to express themselves freely without falling into the spread of hate messages, racial or defamatory.

However, controlling and especially moderating the web is a difficult task. And it is with this reality that we must compose the big names of social networking, to find the right balance between freedom and regulation. The most used platforms by young people are: Twitter, instagram, Facebook and snapchat. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram put in place many mechanisms to allow their subscribers especially teenagers greatest possible freedom, without encouraging disinformation.