The Health Care Delivery System

Today, it is essential to convey high quality health care services at reduced amounts so that the people of the association can benefit substantially from it. It is a noble responsibility for both the institutions  and also the   government   to   carry   out good and effective research   in   the   medical  field and thereby begin delivering medical services to the people at inferior prices. The primary role of the Human Resources staff department in such institutions will be critical as they need to train the nursing staff from the aspects of leadership and management skills.  The nurses need to establish  multi-tasking  skills in a given working environment   to efficiently complete all the assigned tasks in the proper environment. In a given case, to compare the policies, working approach, management structure, reimbursement, policies and procedures, and clinical trials. This paper will include a comparison of National association community health in Alexandria, VA and the Mayo Clinic located in Virginia. The objective of the communityhospital   is   to   provide   the maximum quality   healthcare   services   to   the   people   in   a   given environment.  The   goals   of   an   institution   are   to   become   the   healthcare   provider   that   will   remaincommitted in providing cost effective and high-quality healthcare services to the people of agiven community. As it is a community hospital, the management configuration is composed of trustworthy members, key medical professionals, and the nursing staff (Ewert & Evers, 2014).  The major policies and procedures of the organization focus on delivering the best qualitymedical services to the people. The nursing staff is specially trained on the modules of NursingLeadership and Nursing Philosophies to make sure that they deliver as per the requirements andexpectations of the patients in a given environment (Ewert & Evers, 2014).  However,   on   the   other   hand   Mayo   Clinic   is   a   non-profit   Academic   Medical   Centersituated   in   Virginia.   The   perception   of   the   institution   is   to convey integrated   clinical 2practices, that targets on research, and thereby provide education to the medical professionals ina given environment. The major practices are specialized in delivering orderly manner care.  The institution   spends  nearly  $660  million   every   year   for   research   and   developmentpurposes. Meaning, they often spend their resources on certain inter finding in an effort to make discovers that could help develop new products or possible improve existing products. The   root   operations   of   the   institution includes: patient   care,   research,   and   education.   The management structure is a proper organizational structure that is looking after different functionsof the organizations (Saiman, 2014).  The top-level management of the organization ensures the nursing staff has the  leadership skills and other working approaches to improve the overall efficiency in a given working environment. The guidelines and procedures of the organization focus on improving the working approach of the medical staff, which also includes delivering better quality patient care services to the patients.  Nevertheless,  the   major   difference   between   both   organizations   is   that   Mayo Clinic   focuses more on research and innovation (Olthuis, Leget, & Grypdonck, 2014). It thereby wantsto   improve   the   clinical   services   expressed  to   the   patients.   Today,   with   the   arrival   of   newtechnologies, the healthcare organizations would like to upgrade their services and integrate theirfunctions with the IT components.  In addition, with todays  increased awareness  levels,  the  patients  are  expecting   betterquality medical services from the healthcare organizations. It is thereby the responsibility of thetop-level   management   of   both   the   institutions   to   oversee   the   services   and   figure   out   theaccomplishments of the staff (VanAmringe, 2014). They can than modify the strategies whereverrequired.   3Furthermore, with new researches carried out in the field of healthcare, the focus of themedical professionals should be on delivering healthcare services that will become cost-effectivefor the patients. And with that, it will assist people in accessing desired healthcare services fromthe organizations and thereby get recovered from the current position (VanAmringe, 2014). Inaddition, the government needs to monitor the practices, researches, and work approaches ofthese institutions; they can thereby provide their inputs and accordingly improvise the healthcareservices in a given working environment. Thus, the healing hand community hospital is a nonprofitable organization that is meantto provide health care to the people and therefore the mission is to make the would “diseasefree”. Meaning, as effects to increase awareness of the health and economic benefits of researchand  building  a  strong  base for  support  for  the  research  and  innovation.  This community  iscommitted to delivery affordable, good and proper healthcare, the mission being to close the gapbetween   underdevelopment   in   the   medical   service   arrangements.   Also,   providing   trainingcompensation for just about anyone working in the community. The  community  hospital  provides  people with  health  care  compensation  for   a lot  ofdiseases   and   for   the   conditions   that   they   can   give   better   treatments   to   and   the   hospital’sefficiency.   They   have   a   broad   management   staff   to   attend   to   patients.   The   staff’s   primaryresponsibility is to cater the best health care service to patients. They charge patients for the careand facilities they provide while academic and the research center carry’s out the medical studiesalong with hospital facilities, to whom makes doctors. The academic centers gives the needed medical teaching to the students who wish tobecome a doctor in the future. If the two organizations get merged, it is for sure that the research 4and development will be deteriorated. Their must be a large enough staff for one to teach andalso to attend to patients.

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