COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S.

Coronavirus is an infectious disease which is widely spreading all over the country. It has a direct impact on the health of the human population and economy as well.  Very few people are concerned and aware about this disease. The views of the public are evenly split on how Donald Trump is responding to the outbreak. The approval rating of the Trump’s has been raised among both the Republicans and Democrats. The American Trends Panel (ATP) was created in 2014, the panelists with no internet access in their homes are provided with tablets and wireless internet connection and it has been managed by Ipsos. The states with COVID-19 are categorized as high, medium and low.

Coronavirus has become the major threat to the health of the U.S population and nation economy as well. The cases of the coronavirus are increasing daily. The steps are to be taken and the majority of people are agreed about avoiding gathering in groups, restriction of international travel to the U.S, closing of schools, requiring most businesses other than grocery stores and pharmacies to close, postponing upcoming state primary elections and cancelling major sports and entertainment events.

Coronavirus shows a drastic impact on the personal health and personal financial health. Majority of the people believe that the COVID-19 outbreak is a significant crisis. 67% Americans say that it is a significant crisis, 28% say that serious problem not a crisis, 4% say that it is a minor problem or not a problem at all. In the U.S, the coronavirus will lead to an economic recession or depression that can be determined by the people’s views. The percentage who say the economic impact of the coronavirus on the U.S will be depression (17%), recession (48%) and economic slowdown (34%).

A third of Americans say someone in their household lost a job or took a pay cut as a result of COVID-19. 20% people says because of coronavirus outbreak been laid off or lost job, 27% says had to take a pay cut, 33% NET either/both. Due to job impacts younger people and the lower income people are especially hurt. Majority of Americans gave positive ratings to the outbreak response from public health officials, state and local officials which are 79% adults say public health officials have done an excellent job, 70% for state elected officials, 54% for news media and 48% for Donald Trump. But now the approval of

Trump’s had been raised up to 85% among republicans and democrats.

The American Trend Panel survey (ATP) was created in 2014, which is a nationally representative panel of randomly selected U.S adults. The report has been developed on Coronavirus in which the states have been divided into three parts that are high, medium and low. The states with 1000 or more total cases are under ‘high’, fewer than 60 per million cases are under ‘low’ and less than 300 cases are under ‘medium’. And this data of positive cases has been taken from The COVID Tracking Project.

COVID-19 is the major problem which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This disease is increasing day by day due to which personal health and financial problems are getting disturbed. It’s our responsibility to take care of yourself. The health officials, state and local officials are doing excellent jobs. We all are dealing with tough situations, the one thing we can say to everyone is to ‘stay positive’.