Application for Master of Applied Computer Science at Dalhousie University

Statement of Purpose

The world around us is changing drastically. The introduction and adaptation of technology in our everyday life has changed our lifestyles. With the revolutionary advancement in technologies with the time, and being the part of such advancing and dynamic field, I feel really proud. I was 9 when I used the computer for the first time. Since my school days, I used to take interest in my computer classes and I used to find myself, working with different software and always exploring the new possibilities that a computer can provide. While considering universities in Pakistan for my undergraduate studies, my priority was to get into technology-related programs and when I got selected for a Computer Science program at NUCES, I knew I have found the place where I supposed to be.

During my four years study program and my work experience, I found some areas like programming, AI, cloud computing very fascinating. The reason I am considering your prestigious university to do my masters is that it is not only a reputed university, but it also guarantees me in-depth education in the subject of my interest. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I acquired a perspective of this scientific field, with a particular interest in software programming, database management, data warehousing, and artificial intelligence. These were some areas that captured my attention. Also, during my undergraduate studies, I witnessed several presentations of my seniors who were presenting their projects and their work gave me more perspective of a limitless capability of computer science solving real-world problems. During the last year of my undergraduate degree, I have worked along with three other peers, under the supervision of my Professor Mr. Muhammad Shahzad to do a final year research project which was about the diagnosis of Dengue virus using DNA sequences and machine learning. This research projects not only helped me learn to put my theoretical knowledge into the practical world but it also taught me how to work in a team and accomplish a task as a team.

Along with the courses that I have taken, I was also very active outside the classroom, I have participated in many speed programming competitions. I was the part of organizing and management team for multiple competitions and programs held at the university. Furthermore, I was also an active member of the Scout organization. The time of my knowledgeable and valuable work experience is one of my greatest assets. After graduation, I started working as an Associate Software Engineer at Systems Limited which is one of the top software firms in Pakistan. I have been part of multiple projects during my work tenure in which I was primarily responsible for developing front-end applications that include both mobile and web applications. After a year, due to my outstanding performance in the team I was promoted to the position of Software Engineer. It was out of this work experience that I become proficient in the latest JavaScript stack widely used in a web and mobile application development that includes Angular, ReactJS and NodeJs. It also formed my foundation of pursuing a graduate program in computer science at your university to expand my expertise further and to learn more about advance fields like cloud and mobile computing. Moreover, my work experience also provided me an experience of a professional software development environment and provided me a vision of studying a graduate program in computer science at your university and expand the horizons of my knowledge in higher-level technologies like cloud and mobile computing.

I see Dalhousie University as the ideal place for me to obtain my Masters and accomplish my dream to become a software developer professional. Canada has been one of the chief drivers of innovation in the field of computing. Studying overseas in Canada will thus allow me to develop a greater range of professional skills. The curriculum of the university is highly precise and technology-based courses like Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Web Development, and Data warehousing will be helpful towards transferring the requisite knowledge and skills to the students. Furthermore, the industry linkages of Dalhousie University like IBM Canada, Microsoft and Cisco will help me gain the most in-demand skills that are needed for a successful career in software development.

Therefore, I am applying to join your Master of Applied Computer Science, commencing in the fall of 2020. Getting admission to Dalhousie University will be a dream come true. This will not only give me an opportunity to study from a world-class faculty on some of the most sought-after courses in technology, but I will also have a chance to expand skills and knowledge through exposure to the Canadian culture. By studying in your graduate program and possibly working for a brief period in Co-op, I expect to have the expertise and knowledge to apply it to the computing industry in my native country so that I can contribute to my countrys success in this field after returning to my country. I believe that my hard-working nature, intelligence, and passion will enable me to succeed in this program spectacularly and will prepare me for a stellar career in software development.

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