Whose War crimes Were The Most Inexcusable, Japanese or The Nazis?

War and conflicts were very common since a long period of time. Different countries show their power and superiority by using violence. The more you win the battles, the more the country is considered worthy. Well, if thats the case, is it reasonable to suffer the entire population just to prove that youre more capable of the opposing country? Similarly, in the period of our History, there were two countries which took the lives of millions and millions of people just for their own benefit. In this essay, I would decide which countrys war crimes were the most inexcusable. The Japanese or the Germans which were also known as the Nazis.

As Germany was already in conflict with the European countries, the Japanese were also heading their way to war. Japan was considered the most superiorcountry in Asia it was also said that it is Japan who will decide the Fate of Asia Pacific. While Japan lacked many law materials, such as oil and coal. They decided to conquer the countries in Asia. They first targeted China as they wanted to gain control of Korea. In the First Sino-Japanese War which started in the year 1894, the Japanese won and gained control over Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan and the Yellow sea.

The Japanese and The Chinese never went along with each other. The Nanking Massacre was one of the main reasons behind the hostile relationship between the two countries. The Japanese threat the chinese repulsively. They already adjudge China to be a cowardice country, because in Japan you should either win while fighting for the country or kill yourself for losing. Surrendering was seen as a cowardly act. Japanese soldiers attacked nearly majority of the cities in China. However, Nanking was the most affected as it was the capital city at that time.

Everyone was living with fear. The Soldiers neither spared the old people nor the innocent children. Food and water were taken away from them and families were suffering every single moment. Women were being raped, not three but twenty, not only women but also teenagers. Instead giving the people fast and quick deaths they preferred to torture them till their last moment.

Thai Burmese Railway also played a major part. War Of Prisoners were required to risk their lives in building the railway. Countries in Southeast Asia and some of the British and New Zealand WOP were forced in the construction. They

were all treated very brutally, such as not receiving proper care and getting horrible punishments for not working properly, Japanese Soldiers showed no mercy and made them work to death.

On the other hand, the Nazis  was purposely targeting the Jews as they believed that it was the Jews who were responsible for the awful things that were happening to Germany at that time. They also saw Jewish people as inferiors because they werent The Aryan Blood Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party wanted to obtain all of the Europe for living space. Plus, wanted to prove the world that Germany can never surrender. Jewish and the slavic people were threat hideously. They were sent to concentration camps where they were gassed or electrocuted. Scientists performed various experiments on homosexuals and gypsies as they were useless to the country.

During the Holocaust, Approximately 11 million people were killed where six million of it were Jewish and the other five million were the Homosexuals, gypsies, teachers and businessmen. In spite of killing millions of irreproachable lives, Hitler also killed his own men as didnt trust them and feared that his own men would betray him. The major difference between the two war crimes is the method they approach to kill the population. Where Japanese Prefers to torture and make the people suffer, Germans just wants to get rid of them.

Thus, avoids suffering people for long. I believe that quick death is always much better than to gradually deteriorate. In whatever way, this doesnt mean that Germany was better than Japan. They both killed millions of faultless lives, Yet no one has the right to suffer unreasonably. These were the reasons why I believe Japan war crimes were more inexcusable. The way they disrespect women, the way they tortured innocent lives.

But once again, both the countries are to be blamed for Hitler’s illogical thinking and the Japanese intolerable behaviour. Everyone deserves peace and happiness in life, if the people are happy the country is happy. Furthermore, the key to success is not violence but rather hard work and gaiety. And now, finally I have decided which countrys war crimes were the most inexcusable.