Classical Greece and Ancient Rome

First of all, Greek and Roman are two civilizations that was located close to each other in the Mediterranean. Rome shows similarities with the Greek civilization but beside this, there are still major differences between the two civilizations. The history of two civilizations, Ancient Rome and Greece can be compared and contrasted by using several factors as the economic, social and the political aspects.

First, the Greek and Roman were affected and influence each other because they’re very close and could easily communicate, to do business, etc. But the Greek and Romans usually get in touch by the business aspect, trading in the Mediterranean region. As the time goes on and civilization perpetuated, Romans change gradually their thinking and kind adopted the practices and beliefs of the Greeks.

Secondly, there are some similarities and differences between the two historical civilization (Rome and Greece). For example, in the economy, Athens developed a very good method of trading where they are doing through sea trade. At the other side, Rome didn’t particularly use this strategy were them it was by conquest. At the start the Greek practised fishing and trading. Furthermore, both civilizations practised the agriculture methods. Both civilizations do the same product, they grew wheat. But the Romans were much better in this area vs the Greece, the Greece decide to change their plan and they adopted a mass production of olive oil. Greek and Romans were doing some exportation between each other and with others. The Greek export in general olive oil and grapes while Romans were bronze and pottery this was generally a common trade for the two civilizations. Also, the Romans and the Greece both used slaves to achieve their work proposed. Also, the Romans are the first that use slaves but gradually the Greece decided to use this method.

Thirdly, Greek was very good in Art, they were the champion back in the days. But Rome start practising but they were not as good as Greece. On the other end it was two different art culture. For example, Roman was to decorate by using realistic portraits while at the other side Greek art was to do ideal realistic form. The Roman was doing wall painting art. Also, the Romans had the mindset, thinking of building big building and good building. This wasn’t the thinking of Greek. For example, ‘’the Roman architecture was characterized by arches and domes.’’ (Roman, architecture.) Also,

who could see some similarities between the building of Romans and Greece, but Romans have a little bit more details like vaults and domes.

Fourthly, there are some differences between Romans and Greek in the social class aspect. For example, the social class for Romans were patricians, plebeians, freedman and slaves while Greek social class was slaves, freedman, metics, citizens and women. Also, we could add on that there was a difference status between Romans women and Greek women were Romans women were considered as a citizen. For the Greeks, they don’t consider women as a citizen but as gossipers were, they can’t own a propriety. Also, they were not allowed to go in public if they were not accompanied, the main goal was to stay at home clean the house and get married as soon it was possible. At the other end, it was another story where Romans got a lot of respect for women, they were valued humility, devoted, loyalty they get the freedom they want and could even buy a property. Finally, the Greek has some tolerance of homosexuality.

Next, there are some differences and similarities between the two civilization Rome and Greeks in the political aspect. The Rome was run by a Republican political regime while the Greeks have a democratic political regime. In the civilization, both governments had an election to represent the citizens and people but in the Greek political regime (Democracy)  citizens had littoral sovereignty while the Roman had the ultimate sovereignty. Finally, in the political aspect there were not a lot of similarities between the two civilizations.

It is true by a lot of people that the two civilizations, Romans and Greeks bring a lot for western civilization. In addition, the Greek influence was mainly by their political status, their architecture, the Olympics and the Golden Age. For Rome, they also influence western civilization by their great Empire and republic. Also, they also have a big influence by their geographical situation they were closed to some other territory, that play a major role in the influence.

Finally, the Greek and Roman’s relations all start when they start doing some business and since then they developed a good communication. Also, the Romans adopted in general and follow everything what the Greece done. The two-civilization practised agriculture and mining, art, architecture. The political regime was different were the Greeks were governed by a Democracy and the Romans by a Republic. Greek was good in every aspect, they were the better in art, architecture. The only aspect were they had difficulty is with the status of Women in the population. Like said in the last paragraph, Greek civilization is way more impressive, by the way they trade, the architectural building, the Olympics, the political regime. Also, how they run their business is pretty impressive and got a major impact on us.