Positioning: the battle for your mind

This marketing book, called “Positioning: the battle for your mind”, deals with the mind of the customers, what they think after the messages that they receive every day. Indeed, every day we are bombarded by many marketing messages, with advertisements and the media. We have a ranking of ads and advertisements. We place ads more or less interesting and likely to please. We have several strategies in this book for a company, product or service to stick to a specific audience. The positioning has a profound impact on the choices of customers. It explains the positioning of marketing in their mind and a revolutionary approach to create a position in their mind. In this book, there are several keys to understanding what is positioning exactly. So, first of all, we must create a positioning in the mind of the customers by putting a ranking of companies. To be the first one, the leader in the market is a competitive advantage. For instance, we can take the car rental service. To position ourselves as a leader will positioned us in the mind of the customers. The book explains us that we must manipulate the mind. A company must be different to the competitors to be the leader. The authors used the example of a ladder. We have small ladders in our head. When you are at the 2nd position of the ladder it’s very difficult to exceed the first one. The authors speak of a so-called \”unstained\” position about the seven up. The consumer has therefore associated the brand as an alternative to coca cola. This strategy permits to shape the image of the product in the mind of the customers. Nevertheless, a company must have a memorable marketing approach. If a company is not ranked as the first one, it also has to be competitive and change its sector. We must stop the competition with the leader and just be positioned differently. We have to target our potential customers and be more selective. Create our own niche is the solution. To fight against a leader is not the answer. We can take IBM as an example of the fight against the powerful computer industry. When we find our niche, we have to stick to this one.

   Furthermore, positioning does not mean focusing on one\’s brand but looking outward. Think about the market is essential. We have to use the competition. We must be recognized, find an original product. If not, our competitors can take our idea and do something better. In fact, we can highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses and of the competitors. Another important key for a good positioning in the mind of consumers is the name of the company. It must be relevant for them to remember. We must pay attention to the words we choose. The name has to be understandable, clear, memorable and simple. The name cannot be fancy. For example, we can thing about the name of Kodak or Kleenex, known by everyone. The name of the products that come out afterwards are very important. Do not extend the line. In fact, do not use the brand name as the name of the new product. It will be too complicated for the customer to locate and position the product. If we do that, we take the risk of becoming number two. A brand cannot have a position on two different sectors. It\’s impossible. So, if a brand wants to enter a new market, it will have to create a new brand. However, the line extension can work instead of making a new mark if the expected sales volume is small, the market is saturated, if the budget is low, for commodities such as chemicals or if the items are on sale.

Moreover, we can associate our brand with another brand. Al Ries and Jack Trout tell us about the horses to ride which are, in order, the company, our boss, our friend, our idea, our liver to finish on ourselves. At the end, the authors deal with six steps to succeed. We must ask ourselves six essential questions: our position, the one we want, who are our competitors, our budget, our strength of character and if our position fits our image. To conclude, positioning is essential for communicate with customers. It will be based on the strengths and weaknesses of your company but also those of the competitors. It is used to stand out in order to become the choice of a consumer. The best way for this is to be the first in his sector. If this is impossible, must we find a way to position ourselves as a leader\’s competitor. If someone is interested to create a brand, I will recommend to him to read it. It explains lot of keys to position our brand in order to succeed. For example, at the end of the book, the authors deal with six steps to succeed. We must ask ourselves six essential questions: our position, the one we want, who are our competitors, our budget, our strength of character and if our position fits our image.

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