- Dissertation sur la Politique

Dissertation sur la Politique

Classical Greece and Ancient Rome

First of all, Greek and Roman are two civilizations that was located close to each other in the Mediterranean. Rome shows similarities with the Greek civilization but beside this, there are still major differences between the two civilizations. The history of two civilizations, Ancient Rome and Greece can be compared and contrasted by using several

Consolidation of the Republic in America

The United States of America has gone through numerous evolutionary events and reconstruction from the British Colonies era to the present-day time. However, in this essay we will Trace America’s evolution as an independent nation and show how, from the founding era through the first centry, America has struggled to consolidate the Republic. We will

Relationship between indigenous reconciliation and discourse of environmental sustainability in Canada

Introduction In order to fully understand Indigenous relations to the government, one must fully comprehend and understand the three distinct ways that Indigenous peoples relate to the Canadian government, and that these ways occur in a historical and chronological order. Firstly, the relationship between Indigenous peoples and government focused on cooperation at the beginning because

La cour européenne des droits de l’homme

En 1950, la convention est signée et entre en vigueur en 1953 (ratification en 1974 pour la France avec le droit de recours individuelle qui date de 1981).  La cour est présidée par Sicilianos (Grèce). C’est une organisation régionale qui a vocation à protéger les droits de l’homme, la démocratie et l’Etat de droit avec

Le multiculturalisme canadien

Le multiculturalisme canadien prône la simultanéité des différentes cultures du pays, il dit qu’il est préférable d’intégrer et d’établir une culture d’identité commune. Le multiculturalisme est un modèle de gestion des différences culturelles dans l’immigration et de nombreuses affaires publiques gouvernementales adoptées par le gouvernement libre de Pierre Elliott Trudeau. La politique canadienne sur le

Constitutional crisis in Venezuela

Tension permeates the political scenes in Venezuela when Maduro acts upon a bold new initiative to nullify the opposition-controlled National Assembly and orders the creation of a new  Constitution. The president of Venezuela- Maduro- claims that the Constituent Assembly and their reformed Constitution will resolve the tensions in the country and promote the economy (Maduro,

President Trump’s Impeachment

The case regarding the impeachment of President Donald J Trump was debated on December 18, 2019. Trump has recently been accused of bribing the Ukranian government, high crimes and misdeamenors, and disrupting national security as a result. The President allegedly disobeyed the law when he witheld funds from the Ukranian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, due to

Economic problems of Venezuela

Introduction First of all, Venezuela has been one of the most promising country in terms of economic standards. Venezuela used to be a democratic country like Canada and during this time the country was growing rapidly since the 1920’s. This country was the richest South-American country because of their production of oil which is a

Banking Ombudsman Scheme in India

The scheme, which came into effect from June14, 1995 and amended recently in 2002 provides an opportunity to the public to approach Banking Ombudsman for grievances against a bankwhich are not resolved within a period of two months provided their complaints pertain to any of the matters specified in the scheme. The scheme covers all