- Dissertation sur la Médecine

Dissertation sur la Médecine

Сancer de l’ovaire – Symptômes, Types, Facteurs génétiques

Les ovaires sont de petits organes en forme d’amande situés de chaque côté de l’utérus. C’est là que les œufs sont produits. Le cancer de l’ovaire peut survenir dans plusieurs parties différentes de l’ovaire. Le cancer de l’ovaire peut commencer dans les cellules germinales, stromales ou épithéliales de l’ovaire. Les cellules germinales sont les cellules

Douleur intercostale

De nos jours, de plus en plus de personnes ressentent des afflictions au niveau des cages thoraciques et des côtes. Ces souffrances sont devenues très fréquents et sont généralement dû à diverses causes,  plus ou moins graves. Ce type de douleurs nécessite toujours un avis médical afin décarter  les risques daccidents cardiovasculaires pouvant surgir plus

La fibrose kystique

La fibrose kystique est une anomalie qui touche plusieurs organes du corps, mais plutôt l’appareil digestif et les poumons. C’est en général une accumulation de mucus épais qui est présent dans les poumons et dans le système digestif. La toux constante qui aide l’élimination du mucus, la difficulté à respirer (sifflement), les infections pulmonaires (pneumonies),

COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S.

Coronavirus is an infectious disease which is widely spreading all over the country. It has a direct impact on the health of the human population and economy as well.  Very few people are concerned and aware about this disease. The views of the public are evenly split on how Donald Trump is responding to the

Struggles of people with Asperger Syndrome

Every illness comes with its struggles. Robison discusses his biggest challenges in life, which often are also symptoms of Aspergers. Despite the high intelligence of those with Aspergers, the demands and lack of freedom in school causes them to lose interest and perform poorly on subjects that are not related to their obsession (Asperger Syndrome).

Infection control in acupuncture treatment

The relationship between microbes and humans is complex, yet this relationship does not always lead to an infection. The body surface has all kinds of micro-organisms and they normally make life on the host without causing any harm. They are called ‘normal flora’ of the body. However, when the micro-organisms harm their host and cause

Liver diseases and their diagnostics

1. Introduction In the 21st century the technical progress is developing so rapidly. New diagnostic machines appear all over the world and are considered the newest and best tools. Nowadays, the question for whom those devices are the best for, should be asked in a more critical way – best for the patient or best

Rhinoplasty: description and advice

What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty or nose correction surgery is a cosmetic and restorative surgery intended to reshape the nose. It is recommended for patients who are socially or psychologically embarrassed by their nose, because it has one or more characteristics considered unsightly. It can correct various aspects such as the presence of a bump, a

Autism Spectrum Disorders in women

Being a girl with autism is twice exceptional. These females are not only excluded from same-sexed peers who are neurotypical, but they are excluded from the autism spectrum population because of this subtler presentation of autism that does not quite check off all the boxes in gold-standard assessments, nor completely align with the DSM5 criteria

Conduct Disorder (CD) in children and adolescents

Children and adolescents with CD usually find enjoyment in aggression and behaviors that result in power. Starting fights, trespassing, lying, vandalism, and physically abusive behaviors are signs that indicate an older child may have conduct disorder. It may be harder to identify younger children with CD from normal behaviors such as repetitive bullying, lying, and