Theo Peoples’ biography

Theo Peoples (24 January 24, 1961), American Rhythm and Blues as well as Soul vocalist, was born Theoplis Peoples, III, in St. Louis, Missouri to a community preacher. Unfortunately, details with regards to Peoples early life, education, and family are few. Furthermore, Peoples passed on an interview with the author intended to gather this information.

In his early musical career, Peoples performed at several local landmarks including Al Baker’s and Seventh Inn. Peoples continued to perform at local venues until The Temptations’ Ron Tyson discovered him at the Majestic Hotel in St. Louis hand-selecting him in 1992 to replace Richard Street in the celebrated Motown group. As Tyson watched “the young man excite the audience, he knew he had found the Temptations newest member” (Peoples, n. pag). In fact, The Temptations founding member Otis Williams had an suspicion Richard Street was on the way out, so he listening to Ron Tyson’s conclusion on Peoples: “This brother we should check out: tall, good looks, plays keyboard” (Williams, 228). Getting ready to embark on a Japanese tour, Richard Street announced he was not joining the group.  Confident Theo Peoples was a talented singer who knew all the moves, The Temptations invited him to join the upcoming tour. Shortly, Peoples performed on The Temptations album “Phoenix Rising” gaining notoriety on the hit tunes “Stay” and “How Could he Hurt You.”

Peoples toured with The Temptations, galvanizing his beat on classic songs including “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,” and “I Can’t Get Next To You.” On the road, he learned the band’s exact step design allowing him to intensify his performance even more as an all-around entertainer who could irk spectators into leaving them wanting more. From the time Peoples made his nationwide unveiling in 1992 with The Temptations, he has earned renown as the influence that exemplifies soul music’s storied past in addition to its bright future. With the ill-timed passing of two R&B icons (Luther Vandross and Gerald LeVert) the R&B genre was in a sombre emptiness leaving many asking what happened to grown folks music? The benchmark remains high reading the goings-on of the legends like Vandroos and LeVert. Calling out Theo Peoples name at live performances Whitney Houston made strong claims that Theo Peoples was among those to carry on the legacy of Vandroos and LeVert (Peoples, n. pag).

Six months after breaking with The Temptations in 1998, Peoples was offered a membership

with the Four Tops, another classic-era Motown ensemble. The group had only just cut ties original member Lawrence Payton when the Four Tops recruited Peoples as his replacement. As soon as front man Levi Stubbs touring came to an end, Peoples was named the Four Tops’ lead singer. Peoples continued to tour and perform with the Four Tops until his 2011 departure. As a member of the Four Tops, Peoples is almost certainly most renowned for his performance of “Always and Forever”, a track initially published by the funk band  Heatwave in 1977. The tune was featured in The Four Tops 50th centenary live concert, From the Heart in 2004.

Peoples received music tracks and lyric sheets fashioned by producers and songwriters Tony Johnson and Lee Loving out of Chicago, Illinois (ToneLee ) by way of a shared contact who considered the material well-matched for Peoples’ vocal style like a hand in glove. Unaware of whom ToneLee was at the time, Theo Peoples did not have great expectations on this offer; however, the moment Peoples stepped into the vocal booth and started to sing, he knew the project would work out. Working around Peoples’ hectic road calendar, ToneLee was able to record Peoples’ vocals sporadically when eventually in 2008 ToneLee returned to the studio and teamed up with  Rodney Trotter of the popular Holland Dozier Holland Group—to boost the old school funk on all the songs. Released under the new recording company RLT Music (a division of RLT Music & Film Works, Inc.), the end result was Life’s II Short.

In short, along with the outstanding honor of being the lone person to lay claim to a membership in both of The Temptations and the Four Tops, Peoples has sung for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In addition, Peoples has moreover had the occasion to perform with Aretha Franklin and with The Temptations at the Super Bowl XXXII Halftime show. He has also released a number of independent albums including Down Time, Listen 2 Your Heart and Chemistry…You and Me. Peoples is at present touring and recording new music.