Lucille Teasdale Corti and the Teasdale Corti Foundation

Lucille Teasdale Corti was born on the 30th January 1929 in Montreal, precisely in the east end. She was not a part of this world on the 1st August 1996 in Lombardy, Italy. Coming from a catholic family, Lucille Teasdale Corti belonged to working class. We characterized her as being brilliant and very determined. Madame Teasdale was one of the first female surgeon and humanitarian. She tied the knot with Piero Corti in 1961. He was a young Italian doctor. Madame Lucille husband was learning pediatrics. In 1940, she went to University de Montreal. This 1st female surgeon received her diploma in 1955. She started her career with an internship in Saint-Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal. To complete her surgeon program, Lucille Teasdale Corti had to practice outside Canada. Unfortunately, she tried to apply in the United State, but they rejected because of her gender. Happily, the France accepted her their hospital.

In the 1960, this female surgeon went to Marseilles in France, to be specialize with pediatric surgeon. After, she started working Piero Corti her husband in a Uganda hospital. Then the couple found a school of nursing at St- Mary’s in 1972. They called the Lacor Hospital. Together, they treated a lot of patients who had the Malaria and aids, those are very dangerous disease. Both of them, they treated all the patients while there were wars and epidemics. Finally, Piero Corti was managing a very little director with only 46 beds. Teasdale Corti and Piero Corti, after of 12 years of work, they together changed the hospital. They created a hospital center with a laboratory, 2 dispensers, a room for the family who are with their member, a lot of beds. So, Lucille Teasdale Corti treated a lot of poor people with a disease. She received International honors like she was named grand officer of the national order of Quebec, in the 1995 and become a member of the order of Canada in 1991. Madame Teasdale has an excellence award for the international center for the African cause united nations 1995. She also had an honorary Doctorate in University of Montreal 1996.

The contribution of Lucille Teasdale Corti and Piero Corti is the Teasdale Corti Foundation. The Teasdale Corti Foundation was created by Lucille Teasdale Corti and Piero Corti in 1993. This foundation helped St-Mary’s Hospital Lacor. His location is in Gulu, north Uganda. This creation is non- profit,

it means that nobody is receiving money for their help. The couple had taken 40 years to finish it. That include all the processing, for example how to manage it, transforming a small place into a bigger place much better. A lot of different people gave donations for Uganda. The actual big office is in Montreal. Different partners help this foundation, one of them is Social Promise. Social Promise is a charity organization that was establish in 2011, in Indianapolis (US). They support Lacor Hospital with their economic.

The Teasdale Corti Foundation have 6 important peoples (the board). They give to all poor person the best treatment with the best cost and when some people cannot pay their treatments, the foundation take care of that. Everyone is welcome, there is no racism towards people colors, gender, sex, religion nationalities. Teasdale Corti Foundation is not just a place who doctors treats patients, its more than that. Everyone that comes here, they learn something new. Everybody can do something for the people in Uganda, someone can give us beds of the patients or another person can give us donations for the woman than have to deliver their baby in very difficult way. A person can give us donations for the newborn or the babies who need to be vaccine to survive so they can see the world too. We can give charity for the education, care and much more for the kids. We need volunteers so they can help us in different ways too.